Traveling With Tweens – Making It Fun for Them and You

tween travel


Two years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to take a European vacation with my tween sons. For 19 glorious days we explored the sights, enjoyed our time together, and made lasting memories. To this day, we still find ourselves talking about something we did, saw, or ate. We definitely had a few missteps early on-from activities they found boring to food they thought was weird-but we soon found our footing and had a truly fantastic time. What I learned traveling with my tweens can save you some frustration-and money.

• Rule 1-Include them in planning. We watched travel channel shows of our destinations then spent time during dinner talking about the cool places we would see or fun things we could do. They each chose the one place on our itinerary they were most excited to visit then did some internet research to find fun facts for everyone to learn before we left. It was hands-on-they helped create our destination and fun tour and got locations, attractions, and program ideas from us.

• Rule 2-Plan a budget for each child’s vacation. Talking to your children about their vacation beforehand will help them to choose a destination they will enjoy. Once you know what you want your family to do, give them tasks to do in preparation. The marching order depends on their age and vacancies in school.

• Rule 3-Give them a research capstone. Each child should have his or her own research project, whether it be finding out things about the hotel, such as to verify they have an OSHA mold remediation certification posted in the lobby. Be realistic with what they can do and what you can give them. A younger child searching for pancakes may not need much help. However, a teenager heavy with responsibility may need assistance.

• Rule 4-Give them a destination budget. The family’s vacation should be planned around where they need to be at that time. If this is a potluck dinner, determine what is going to happen when the food is brought out. Will it be a crowd of onlookers or a couple of formal diners? What are they going to do if there are no desserts?

• Rule 5- Preparation is everything. Let them pack their own bags and have toiletries waiting for them when they get to their destination. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than having to figure out what to do when you don’t have the required ingredients.

• Rule 6-Be ready to tackle home duties when you’re gone. Turn off the lights, soap, and hoses, leaving your dishes soaking in the sink. Nothing ruins a trip faster than having to call an empty house and clean up the mess.

• Rule 7-acca yoga is your new best friend. As summer quickly approaches, stay on top of this. You’ll want your kids to enjoy more of the great outdoors and less of the hot, crowded cities. One of the best ways to do this is by making use of your outdoor bathroom and shower area. Many people bath in the tub or shower before doing yoga postures, and doing this before the trip seems simpler than turning the tub on.

• Rule 8- yields. Clearly stated, you should buy massive quantities of anything organic and fresh (such as an apple) so you can have more than just a bowl of fruit. You can also throw together simpler meals like sandwiches and pudding. If you buy groceries on the trip, you can buy more bulk items to help decrease the load.

• Rule 9-Build in rest days. As the month whizzes by, take this opportunity to rest. You’ll want to be fresh and jump around doing sports or building sand castles. To top it all off, these rest days are perfect for those long walks on the beach or hikes in the mountains.

The History of Disneyland and Disneyworld

history of Disneyland


It is very much the American dream to set your ambitions high no matter how great they are, and one man did just that to become a worldwide synonym for a magical, fantasy-world adventure for children. In 1950, Walt Disney first got the idea to create a wonderland theme park where all the characters in his cartoons and movies actually lived. Today, there are many Disneyland theme parks around the globe, but the original, in California, is where Disney’s dream begun and a worldwide brand was successfully born.

Hiring a research team to source and survey the best possible land to build his fantasy theme park, Walt eventually found a huge 160-acre plot in a Californian orange grove and began the construction of Disneyland in 1954. The ambitious plans and scope of the project meant that finding finance was tough, especially as fairyland-style dreams offer little collateral to eager financiers, but once ABC TV offered $6 million in exchange for part of the company, the building got underway. Being from the world’s big ruins, building Disneyland Castle represented a huge leap in the company’s financialight.

Disneyland’s original design preserved the feel of the historic parks it was modeled after, but it was always meant to surpass them. It took the team of architects more than a year to finalise the plans, look for suppliers that supported the proposal and finally purchase the land that was to become Disneyland. Deciding on the precise shape of the new building was a delicate process, it involved intricate planning and involve a lot of detailed costing and research. When the plans were finally developed and a single shovel of dirt was dropped on the chosen site, excitement ran rampant and flights of inspiration were quick to follow.

Despite its illustrates and simpleton base, Disneyland quickly acquired a legendary status and it’s eerie, fantasy based structures have Versus snowy mountain peaks and mysterious, gnarly creatures carrying a lime green crossbody bag. Built in four stages, the park was initially a collection of wooden attractions, then replaced with wooden airplane stages, then brought back to its more vulnerable wooden structure stage. When the original small scale structure was strong enough to support the huge second stage, the second set of wooden attractions was removed leaving only the first stage left.

The dramatic tranquility of the park is such that it’s known as a Zen feeling tranquility. Even when the Walt Disney World properties were combined into one, the essential tranquility remained. Yet, as the parks were both acquired by Disney as well as the employees leaving the company, the tomorrow portrayed a rational country town with highly industrialized facilities, and a highly educated and highly skilled workforce. In this scenario, the company’s plans were not thwarted by lack of imagination, but by lack of financial resources. Walt Disney World’s development plan certainly contributed to the souring of the once mighty Disney brand, but the eventual and sustainable fate of the Disneyland property is entirely out of its control.

Disneyland and the City of Anaheim: summary

The Disneyland of Florida was conceived in 1920 by Mr. Disney, and completed in Anaheim, California in 1937. The Magic Kingdom was built as a self sufficient industrial town at the time, so the theme park industry it supported didn’t disappear until the very next year when Disney abandoned the plan and chose to fund the project over many years, in the case of Disneyland the subsequent years. Even then the Disneyland of Florida was a unique and wonderful example of early 1960s Planning 101. Today the Disneyland of Florida is commonly referred to as “Walt Disney World Resort” or “WDW”, is the only major indoor park constructed at any cost in the History of Modern Planning, and maintains that unique and wonderful status.

Fun factor: 0/10asters: 0/10 seasons: none ghosts: 0/10 characters: 0/4hips: 0/4perks: -50.

Parks: Eight major public parks were once adjacent to the theme park, but all lost that status before the Disney magic finally made a difference.

Top Attractions:

Staugust Art Museum (off International Drive) – the largest single residence of modern American artists outside of Manhattan, this has been long considered the “this should be done” landmark of the Orlando area. People outside the gallery have compared this building to the sort of thing you might find in Mumbai, India or Bangkok, instead of a tired, beaten down old art museum. The building is silly looking, and inside it is tiny and dark, uncomfortable looking, and loud, so you almost feel as if you have stepped into a cheap Bali hut. But you have to check out the work there, and there is some of the hottest and best art in the country on display.


A Trip to London

London Trip


Planning a family holiday to a destination like London? Many people wonder if London with the kids is really the best place to spend the money and turn out to be the right destination. Well, here are a few pointers that will help you decide on the perfect vacation destination.

The English capital is one of the most spread out tourist destinations in the world, spreading over a couple of hundred square miles. It is true that the length of the average holiday stay here may be longer than the kids’ attention. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that you are spending your holiday with your family and you only need to sit back, relax and let everybody have a good time.

When it comes to accommodation, you will find that there are plenty of luxury hotels and superb hotels for the whole family. If you are planning a destination that is perfect for your family, you may have plenty of time to search for the best hotel and then even more time to decide on the perfect itinerary.

London is a one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. This is the place where you can catch sightseeing, go on playgrounds and visit museums. As the holiday season approaches, you will find that there are more and more entertainment venues to choose from.

If you are looking for family entertainment, you may want to choose a place like Hyde Park – kids can play for hours and adults can sit and relax on the benches surrounded by beautiful flowers. Or, you may choose Regent’s Park where you can watch street performers, listen to reggae and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the park.

When it comes to dining choices, you will find that you have many fabulous choices in London. Whether you want to try something traditionally exotic like Surfer’s Paradise or want to try something brand new like Williamsburg Cafe, you will find an amazing diversity of dining experiences in London.

To ensure that you have a fabulous experience while in London, you should include a visit to the city’s vibrant museum scene. Not only does the museum offer its own unique collection of masterpieces, it also has a shop with all the arts and crafts that have been discovered on London’s streets.

In fact, the museum has more than 70 galleries so you will find something to suit your collection and taste. Furthermore, the museum has managed to maintain its integrity and fine reputation which is something that most other museums would do harm to. They have a huge car collection with some of the finest vehicles going under a 5-star auto pre purchase inspection. You will find that the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

If you are hungry, you should definitely try out caught fish and chips at the St Pancras Pavilion. Every Sunday, visitors can enjoy this sensational meal in the comfort of their own pitch. Menus are available on request so you won’t have to queue up with another set of food to try.

London has a lot to offer the family. Therefore, you may want to plan for a few attractions while on a family holiday here in the capital.

The Tower of London, Battersea Park and the Palace of Westminster are all well worth the visit. Moreover, they comprise of multiple attractions that will keep you entertained.

Thankfully, London is relatively small which makes driving across it very quick and easy. If you plan to stay in London for a few days, you will find that you don’t need to spend a fortune in accommodation.

You may want to choose from a shared 3 star hotel to a five star London hotel. If you get an all-inclusive stay, you will find that the cost will be much cheaper then if you pay for each room separately.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to the capital and see what there is to see.


Visiting Oahu

Oahu Vacation


Millions of people visit Hawaii every year. Many of them visit during the holidays, called Aloha. Kauai is a favorite vacation spot for many people. If you are one of those million, here are some great things to do.

Learn about Hawaiian culture

During the holidays, you can learn about different aspects of Hawaiian culture. You can learn about the different tribes that live in Hawaii. You can also learn about the different events that take place in Hawaii. There are Kalua Pigs, Kalua Lightfalls, and Kalua Beach that have something for everyone.

Enjoy Helicopter Tours

You can also enjoy Helicopter Tours of the islands. They fly throughout the day, taking you to an aerial view of specific areas such as the volcanoes, valleys and mountains.

Gone Fishing?

No worries if you did not catch any fish during your fishing trips. You can still enjoy a meal without stuck fish. You can enjoy a buffet meal and still feel satisfying that you caught the best fish out there.


You can enjoy the splendor of Hawaiian cuisine and more. There are dishes that you cannot prepare at home and you can also taste exotic food. Having a Hawaiian chef prepare it is a wonderful way to experience the culture.

Learn more about farming

There are places in Hawaii where you can learn about growing and cultivating things such as bananas, sweet potatoes and pineapples. If you want to experience the culture of a specific Hawaiian island, talk to the staff at the tourism office. They will be able to guide you and teach you about the step of ritualization that has been practiced in the islands since the age of volcanoes.

Visit the Outrigos textbook factory

This is a factory where all the geography books are printed for crane companies. It is a historical landmark and a wonderful place to visit. You will receive a guided tour as a part of your tour.

Enjoy Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The bay is located near the crater of the largest extinct volcano, Iao. You can take a boat ride here and then snorkel its full of marine life. If you are lucky, you might see a large shark, Pacific big-wave surfing or some turtles.

Take a Helicopter tour of the island

If you are the adventurous sort, then you can try your hands at helicopters. You can take a trip up to the summit of Mauna Kea and do a spot of surfing. They also offer a scenic helicopter ride right on the beach.

Travel around the island

There is a lot to see in Hawaii. You can rent a car and drive yourself around the island. Go to places that are not frequented by most people. Go to the interior islands and really enjoy the beautiful tropical rainforests. Go to theiptekets and enjoy a pair of pandas. If you are really adventurous, go to the state koai national aquarium.


If you are looking for a more laid-back activity, you can go on a guided tour of the island. Sawaii is a great place to see animals in their natural habitats. You will see Elephants, Barasinglys, and Gaumiferdoria Attractions. You can also purchase an all day pass.

Walk up Mt. Kilauea

You can never say that you have seen Hawaii if you have not climbed to the top of the world. Drive up the dormant volcano with professional guides and hike in the lava fields. You can see where the lava flows and places in the world where large lava formations can occur.

Enjoy the Hawaii kids

Children are always liners’ favorite subject. They can tell stories about friends that they have met. Sing songs about them. Play guessing games like ‘I’m going on a picnic in the upcoming days’ or ‘where is the bear?’

A Travel Guide for Salem, Oregon

Salem, OR Vacation

A list of the hottest restaurants, hotels, and historical sites to check out in your next Salem vacation.

Oregon is a grand old state, and Salem is a grand old city with many travelers’ offerings. Whether for business or pleasure, those who travel to the city are often in search of experiencing as much of the amenities as possible. Sadly, with the size of the city, they try to settle for simply the most noteworthy of attractions instead. Though because so many of the attractions are noteworthy, this is also where they run into problems trying to narrow down the best into a nice little list of activities.

If you are one of those people planning a Salem vacation, you are probably looking to fit as much of Salem’s attractions too. Luckily, we have taken the liberty of condensing all of Salem’s attractions down to the very best. Below are the main sites you absolutely have to check out in your next Salem vacation:

Top 5 Salem Restaurants

1. Word of Mouth

This vegan-friendly restaurant offers a great number of healthy meals that cater to the appetites of meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. If you’re looking for a place that offers the best of American cuisine, then Word of Mouth is a restaurant that has made a name for itself for having some of the best steaks and breakfast hash out there. A Salem vacation is not complete at least you try this much-lauded restaurant at least once.

The restaurant deals primarily breakfast and lunch. Many who dine in it rave about the quality of the food and special service offered by the staff.

2. Wild Pear

Even with the pandemic closing many restaurants, Wild Pear managed to stay afloat with top-grade sanitation and an offering of world-class cuisine that can satisfy all sorts of diets. Many applaud the restaurant for its atmosphere and service, which is reason enough for visitors to try this place out when paired with the great value you get for the food.

The deserts come highly recommended as well as the soups and salads – a favorite among reviewers. The organic ingredients also mean that the restaurant also seeks to be accessible to as many people as possible. They offer menu selections that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly alike along with some gluten-free options.

3. Annette’s Westgate Café

For an affordable hidden gem that is certainly worth checking out, consider having a mean at the landmark Annette’s Westgate Café. The meals are simple and homely and the restaurant also doubles as a nice place to read a book, have a coffee, and relax. Breakfast is the main meal to visit the restaurant for but they work just fine as a casual dinner spot as well.

Many who visit the café state that they received only the best treatment from the staff and that the food is certainly one of the finest in all of Salem given its affordability. Its location along Edgewater street also provides scenic views of the river.

4. Best Little Road House

The Best Little Road House is exactly what you get with a visit to this restaurant. The ambiance is simple, unpretentious, and rustic. The food is delicious and is served with some of the generous portions one can receive during a Salem vacation. The restaurant is always full of loyal patrons and the whole place is quite welcoming to families and travelers of all ages.

The restaurant also offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly options which comes welcome to those who adhere to such diets or are trying to watch their weight.

5. Bentley’s

The restaurant offers an old-timey feel which many visitors are sure to appreciate. The Instagram-worthy establishment offers atmosphere and service enough to complement their exceptional food. The look and feel of the restaurant also make it a favorite among those looking for a venue to host all kinds of events.

It is a great place to have wine and good food that makes waiting for a table more than worth it. The legions of loyal diners are testament enough to the restaurant’s elevated status in the community. The restaurant also offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly options and even allows pets within the premises.

Top 5 Hotels

1. Best Western Plus Mill Creek Inn

For a place to stay during your Salem vacation, consider a night at the affordable but luxurious Best Western Plus Mill Creek Inn. The hotel is situated near enough the major highways that guests have easy access to all the city’s major offerings. The amenities are also complete with a pool, a fitness center, and high-speed wifi.

Kids can also stay for free and parking and breakfast come free of charge too. Guests are also very fond of the accommodating staff that tailors their service to the desires of each of the guests. Many also swear that the hotel has cracked the code in running a hotel during the pandemic.

2. Hampton Inn & Suites Salem

As is the case with most cities, the Hampton hotel is synonymous with luxury at a budget price. The amenities the extensive establishment offers are certainly no joke. A pool and fitness center offer families and fitness-minded individuals the chance to have fun or stay in shape. The internet is available in all the rooms and there are business centers available for those traveling for work.

Rooms also come with all the modern conveniences that are standard for the industry. The hotel also offers free breakfasts, parking, and a taxi service ready to take you around Salem.

3. The Grand Hotel in Salem

For the most Salem experience one can have in their Salem vacation, The Grand Hotel is certainly one of the most opulent and historically significant hotels in the city. The recently renovated hotel offers 192 rooms of luxury and comfort. They also hold the distinction of offering the most spacious rooms in the city as well.

The establishment also offers airport transportation and is closely related to several shops, boutiques, restaurants, and major thoroughfares. The entire place is 100% smoke-free and has all the modern conveniences to go with its extensive list of amenities.

4. La Quinta by Wyndham Salem

No Salem vacation is complete without visiting the Capitol or a trip to the lively downtown area. For unbridled access to the very heart of the city, consider a stay at the La Quinta by Wyndham Salem.

The hotel boasts an indoor pool, fitness center, and business center – all with high-speed wifi connections. On top of that, the place is also perfect for hosting conventions and events. Rooms are furnished with only the finest appliances and furniture a traveler can ask for, and their Whirlpool Tub Suites are famous among regulars.

Near the hotel is also the Bush House Park, the Salem Armory, The Salem Conference Center, and the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

5. Phoenix Inn Suites Salem

Homey and inviting is the name of the game for the Phoenix Inn Suites and many say that a Salem vacation should be just that. 87 spacious rooms are served on by extremely helpful staff who are always willing to make your stay as comfortable as possible. On top of that, the amenities include a fairly-sized swimming pool, a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, and a business center with an internet connection.

The establishment is pet-friendly and the rooms come with all the modern conveniences like flat-screen TVs, microwave, and air-conditioning. For an affordable yet comfy springboard to stay in during a Salem vacation, this hotel comes highly recommended.  You should especially visit since they hired a Handyman Salem Oregon to keep the place running smoothly.

Top 5 Historical Sites

1. Astoria Column

When on a Salem Vacation, consider visiting the 125-foot column known as the Astoria Column. It sits at the top of Coxcomb Hill and gets its name because it overlooks the scenic area of Astoria. The beacon and monument offer tourists to enter and climb up to the top although the recent pandemic has closed this portion off to the public.

The site is only an hour away from the city.

2. Salem’s Riverfront Carousel

This beautifully handcrafted carousel is a historic landmark at the heart of downtown Salem that is worth visiting during your next Salem vacation. The family-friendly option is also a non-profit organization that seeks to use the money earned from the carousel to fund donations into community improvement.

The place also offers people the chance to rent the venue for parties. Its proximity to the park also offers a lot of leisure opportunities too. If you are a traveling family, consider stopping by for a place the kids would love. Otherwise, still consider visiting the site during your Salem vacation to contribute to their worthy cause.

3. Bush’s Pasture Park

The scenic park is over 90 acres large and is a great place to get a feel of the daily activities of life during your Salem vacation. Oak trees litter the park and picnic areas and playgrounds allow for a lot of family fun.

Bush’s Pasture Park is a center of many outdoor activities in Salem and also offers some historical site-seeing too. For instance, the park is home to Oregon’s oldest greenhouse conservatory. Nearby is the famous Bush House Museum – a classic Victorian home will all the original fixtures meticulously preserved for viewers to get a blast from the past.


4. Oregon State Capitol

Though many states and major cities boast capitol buildings, the Oregon State Capitol building residing in the capital of the state is certainly a must-see during any Salem vacation. The building’s architecture harkens back to classical Greek fashion and the rotunda is topped with a statue of a gold leaf – a symbol for the state’s first settlers.

Inside, visitors are confronted with murals and artworks of the state’s colorful history and a surrounding area is a common place for strolling, jogging, and picnics.

5. Deepwood Museums and Gardens

The classical victorian mansion turned museum offers more than just a look at the state’s past – it allows you to live in it. The house offers a picture of what life was like centuries ago and is often the host of many historical community events. The nature around it also allows for some great pictures and many take great pleasure in simply strolling on the grounds or checking out the greenhouse.

The gardens are also wonderful for having a look into Salem’s native plants and other such exotic botanical wonders. It is also a frequent venue for many weddings due to its beautiful design and layout. Otherwise, the gardens are usually open for all to enjoy and partake in the natural and historical wonders of Salem.

Some Reminders

Many of the places mentioned on this list of Salem vacation attractions have implemented measures to counteract the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and, thus, might not be completely accessible to the majority of visitors. Always call ahead of time to ensure viability and safety. Be sure to stay away from any zones deemed to be high risk by public health officials too.

Making a reservation is not only a safe way to see sights, it is also the most practical since many of the landmarks, hotels, and restaurants are frequented by many travelers – especially during peak season.

It is also a good idea to plan your itinerary to avoid long waiting times and confusion once you’re in the middle of a Salem vacation. Knowing where you want to go will allow you to find the fastest and most convenient means of transport. It also lets you book a hotel that’s close enough to all the places that make everything much less of a hassle.

In Conclusion

A Salem vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that must not be passed up. The city is beautiful and holds much significance for the state and for history itself. Despite being the capital of the state of Oregon, it makes sure to maintain its quaint and old-timey feel which keeps visitors coming back for more.

All that considered, we certainly hope that this article was helpful to you in planning a Salem vacation in the near future.

Types of Restaurants to Try to have a Healthy Vacation Diet

Types of Restaurants to Try to have a Healthy Vacation Diet


Going on a vacation and eating out most of the time can make you break your diet easily. Having a healthy vacation diet seems so impossible to achieve. Before you know it, all your efforts of losing or maintaining the weight that you desire have been wasted. Should you just prepare your own meal to make sure that you will never gain weight while on a vacation? Can you still have fun when you do that?

Are you thinking about whether there are certain types of restaurants that you can go to and make sure to get a healthy vacation diet? Many regular restaurants serve healthy meals, and you just need to ask for them. If you are keen on learning the different types of restaurants to consider and see which ones serve the most number of healthy meals, read on and find out.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Most people only visit fine dining restaurants on special occasions due to the following reasons:

– To experience what it feels like to dine in posh and elegant surroundings with amazing restaurant design.

– Be able to wear a formal dress without being awkward and get a chance to apply the learned fine dining etiquette.

– Experience a different level of courtesy from the staff.

– Get a chance to sample interesting or exotic dishes and ingredients.

It is most likely you will find a healthy vacation diet in a fine dining restaurant. However, the price of the dishes may break your pocket if you will always take your meals there. In the end, going to a fining dining restaurant in a different place once or twice may help create a memorable vacation.

Family Restaurant

Some family-style restaurants serve individual dishes and others offer sharable platters. If you want a healthy vacation diet, many family restaurants offer them. However, it is still advisable to take a look at the menu first and ask whether the restaurant is offering healthy meals for all to enjoy.

The following are the most common features of a family restaurant:

– The food is often served on huge platters that family members or many people can share.

– The people in a group pass the dishes around and serve one another.

– It has a casual, relaxing atmosphere.

– It offers affordable prices, although there are also high-end family restaurants that have expensive price tags on their dishes.

Ghost Restaurant

A ghost restaurant is not something that might scare you away. It is also known as the dark kitchen, online-only restaurant, delivery-only restaurant, and virtual restaurant. As the name and its other names suggest, a ghost restaurant does not have a physical building where you can dine. This restaurant only takes food on delivery and may offer a healthy vacation diet.

Many tourists who are trying to keep their food expenses under control prefer food delivery, which offers the following conveniences:

– Once your order has been delivered to the place where you are staying, you may choose to add something to the dish to make it healthier.

– You may create your own salad made from fresh, locally-produced ingredients to go with your order.

– Feel comfortable as you eat at your own pace at your own temporary place.

– It usually offers a wide array of dishes.

– The dishes are very affordable.

Before you order, it is wise to read the reviews or ask around to know more about the ghost restaurant that caught your fancy. You may find other ghost restaurants that offer a healthy vacation diet that’s more to your liking. It is also advisable to always prepare an exact change when ordering from online delivery.


If you want to enjoy the outside scenery in a more relaxed, casual manner while savoring a healthy vacation diet, you may find eating in a café more to your liking. The menu in a café often includes:

– Coffee

– Tea

– Small portions of dessert samples

– Pastries

– Light breakfast or lunch

If you will dine in a café, you need to go to the counter to order your healthy vacation meal. The portions are small enough to be taken casually. Just don’t order too many sets of each dish on the menu.

People often socialize and tend to stay in a café for a long time. Part of the reason is the relaxed atmosphere of the café. Most cafés don’t have too many workers since the diners take care of serving themselves.

Buffet Style Restaurant

You can say that buffet-style restaurants are an extension of family restaurants. Guests are often presented with an array of dishes to choose from and often come at a fixed price. It means you can choose whatever food you want in a buffet and pay the same price for a more expensive dish.

Some refer to buffet-style as eat-all-you-can or all you can eat restaurants. You can get a chance to maintain a healthy vacation diet by choosing the dishes that won’t make you fat. The buffet has the following features:

– An array of dishes that you can pay at a fixed, uniform price.

– Guests simply choose the dishes to eat and serve themselves.

– The selection of dishes usually includes fruit, desserts, hot entrees, delectable appetizers, tasty soups, and healthy salads.

– It has a casual yet stylish interior.

Buffet-style restaurants often offer affordable prices that will not drain your bank account. However, you need to restrain yourself especially when the selection presents most of the dishes that you love.

Fast Food

Although fast foods are notorious for serving greasy, unhealthy foods, they still offer some dishes that you can include in your healthy vacation diet. Tourists and diners often prefer to eat fast foods due to the following reasons:

– They offer quick service and lesser waiting time as compared to most types of restaurants.

– The dishes usually come in cheap, very affordable prices that will not break your budget.

– Fast foods are very convenient, and they are almost anywhere and everywhere.

– The establishment typically offers a casual ambiance.

Most ingredients used in preparing the meals in fast foods are already cooked or preheated. However, when you order the green salad, the ingredients are always fresh.

Stand, Cart, or Food Truck

Stands, carts, and food trucks are modern businesses that usually serve only one type of food and have limited food items on the menu. You may need to try different food trucks, stands, or carts if you want to sample different types of healthy vacation diets that they can offer.

The foods that the stands, carts, or food trucks offer are usually pre-made. If you are familiar with the food trucks run by Koreans, you will notice that they usually prepare their dishes as you wait. They also have a healthier food menu.

Customers patronize the foods offered in stands, carts, and food trucks due to the following reasons:

– They offer very affordable prices that are easy on the budget.

– They are convenient to eat, and you may even consume the foods on the go.

– The food they offer can fill the stomach easily so you can cover more places to visit on your vacation.

You can even choose to buy from the different stands, carts, or food trucks to create your own combination of healthy food to eat. You don’t need to spend so much money on your food and be content with filling your stomach so you can have the strength to visit many places in your vacation destination.


In cafeteria-style dining, the different cooked dishes are presented behind a long counter where you get to choose the dish you want to eat. It is similar to buffet style, but you don’t get to serve the portion yourself. There is someone who will give you the portion according to the set price for that dish per portion.

The cafeteria offers different dishes – both healthy and not-so-healthy. If you want to stick to your healthy vacation diet, make sure to choose only the dishes that will you give you strength without making you fat.

Some cafeterias offer the following:

– Self-serve heaping of soups, salads, and others.

– Pre-plated or ready-made sets in a platter.

– Fresh-cooked foods, such as waffles and omelets, which you can get from an attendant of that station.

Many large companies, hospitals, schools, and factories that provide a place for the people to eat breakfast lunch, or dinner usually adopt the cafeteria-style restaurant.

Coffee House

Starbucks made the coffee house business quite famous around the world. It has become customary for people who often go to work to frequent a Starbucks coffee house near their place of work.

You may stick to eating a single order of your chosen sandwich and coffee of choice as part of your healthy vacation diet. The only purpose of the sandwich is to fill your stomach. You should avoid eating too many sandwiches at once if you don’t want to add a few pounds after doing so. It is also advisable to eat slowly and savor every bite. You will also feel fuller that way.

Many go to coffee houses due to the following reasons:

– The coffee houses usually have a casual, relaxing ambiance.

– They do not require table service.

– Only offer a limited menu to choose from and won’t make you consume more than necessary.

You can stay there to relax after dragging your feet to see different sights to admire. You don’t need to worry about paying an extra fee for staying longer than usual. You can continue to enjoy drinking your hot beverage without worrying about the price.

Contemporary Casual Restaurant

This type of restaurant commonly caters to junior professionals in metropolitan and urban areas. It has a trendy and modern vibe and decorations that young professional diners find appealing.

This restaurant offers:

– Eco-friendly and farm-to-table dining experience.

– Wide array of wine collections.

– Locally-produced ingredients that are typically in season.

– Fine, delectable fusion cuisine that you may not find anywhere else.

– Visually-appealing interior and food.

If you want to sample dishes that are out of the ordinary and made from fresh, healthy ingredients, you may want to try having a meal in a contemporary casual restaurant. You may need to ask about the price before you do because not all contemporary casual restaurants offer the same price range.

When Choosing the Most Suitable Restaurant

It is foolish to go out of your way just because someone told you or read that a certain restaurant, which is 20 kilometers from your current spot, can guarantee a healthy vacation diet. You won’t be able to utterly enjoy your vacation when you do that. Instead, you can ask the locals for some recommendations and don’t be shy to ask about the price.

Each place will never lack suitable restaurants that you can try. You can also read the reviews and visit the websites of your target restaurants. You want to stay healthy without spending so much while you are on vacation. The worst thing that can happen to any tourist is not having enough money during emergencies. You cannot be certain what will happen during your vacation, and it is wise to have a substantial amount of money with you in case something bad happens.

Most of the time, dining in a small, clean local restaurant is your best option. If you are not familiar with the dishes and find them rather too weird for your taste, you can always check out the fast-food chains in that place. You may be surprised to find that your favorite fast-food chain that serves healthy fares is in that place.

Maintaining a healthy vacation diet is not something hard to do. If you lack the discipline to stop yourself from eating too many unhealthy dishes while you are on a vacation, don’t blame the restaurants for not having a healthy menu. You can only blame yourself for not having enough control over ordering many sumptuous dishes in each place that you have visited. You can try limiting the food you eat whenever you take your meal.

London Travel Tips

London Travel Tips

London Travel

A Brief History of Hyde Park, London. If you want luxurious lodgings on your next London vacation, then you’ll want to pick a Hyde Park hotel. London will be a city that you have to travel to if you are a bit Drake Fancy. Many people prefer to find lodging in the city near the bodies of water, but you might want to move a little closer to the parks as well.

Since the city is one of the oldest among most cities in the world, it has slept through many transitions in the history of man. The landscape of the area also reflects this history. In the beginning, the park was simply a field with a few buildings that once stood there. Even as the courts were built and the buildings undyed, landscaping took over the entire area.

When the gardens were originally created, they were created outside of the city. Sand was pulled out and the field was circular. The tangles of sand thus gave the park its name. The original field was completely enclosed within this circle of greenery. Men Lovers in the Shakespearean Theater were originally going to build a man-made lake, but a storm washed the project away. However, this Greek inspired design was repainted in the summertime.

The area was made up of several ponds. One of the most famous squares was Hyde Park. In the year that George IV was king, he often went up to the top of the park to listen to his engineers’ ideas. Since the park was originally built by monks,George VI may have counterparts that are still alive somewhere in London. If you venture up to the top of the park, you will encounter Windsor Castle. There are over 100 acres in all and is still a popular tourist attraction.

Just outside the park is St. James Cathedral. The cathedral is actually a place of worship and a place of burial. Copies of the will of Sir John Soane can be found inside the cathedral. The structures themselves are breath taking. Themselves the view of the city that is seen from the top of the spire. Lions and other animals have their habitats inside the cathedral.

Museum of the City of London

The British Museum is known by many as the dust that settled. The museum is next door to the British Library. There are literally tons of books for you to choose from. You will also be seeing theiano and many other title advertisements.

udioks were originally housed inside another building. Weighing 45,000 lbs, the lords were a Flood plain server in Roman London. There are also other smaller buildings located on the grounds. flora lined the walls from floor to ceiling. words were used as a foxering place by the Common Council. King Henry VIII brought them back and introduced them to the current use. They are still used as watering holes and a place to put out pens and package.

Beautiful Green in Kent— Once upon a time, there was a man who was given ownership of a great forest, but later sold it to a future king. punked it up with a slum of houses, thus forming one of the several infamous slums in London. The garden itself is even richer inside than out. There is a drain running through the center of it. A bit over half of the manor was destroyed by fire and several of the house are in ruins.

The People of Bristol were also shaped by the city. People who came to Bristol started their lives in the slums and worked in them as adults. One of the most famous of these slum dwellings is Stafford’s Croft. There are numerous competitions for the slum tours, but no one races as fast as Staff’s Croft. The slum is open from April to October. The tours are about 20 miles in length. There are breaks every 60 minutes. The standard tour includes aHistorical WalkandSelf Wonderswalk. The historic walk is several miles long and guides you though theRoyal GorgeNote: There are also bus tours that include the historic walkandpark.

Even though Bristol is not currently a major tourist destination, the city is rotting in the national spotlight. The ocean atoll is rising in importance as a premiere sailing and yachting region. The year was 1926. Avid yacht owner, James Bond (portrayed by actor stainless steel played by Roger Moore) bought a tool house in the haven and started his superb life. He worked on the oceanarium and cultivated his own vegetables. The island became known as ” policeman Chumby” and was villa protected from invaders. crashed,. Chumby the mansions were destroyed and the settlement had to be rebuilt as part of New Brighton.

London Travel Concierge Services

With package holidays rapidly becoming a dull, uninspiring option for the modern traveller looking for a more personal, tailor-made holiday we have all become very good at researching our chosen destination online, in guide books and through recommendations from friends. Armed with this information collected after hours of reading, surfing and conversations we then go on to select our destination, accommodation, restaurants and activities, but how many times have you found that the information gathered online was more than adequate to give you a feel for your holiday destination?

Travel Concierge

London Travel concierge services have been around for years, allowing you to book package holidays online, then pick them up when you get there to ensure peace of mind. package holidays are great for the family, couples or solo travellers who want to enjoy their time together – in fact making decisions on where to book the holiday that will be fun for everyone is truly a wonderful way to enjoy a holiday.

The most common way that London travel concierge services are used is by the frequent holiday bookers who will have a dedicated team of people dedicated to helping them arrange the holiday that they have booked.

This will include the holiday representative who will work with you to ensure that the holiday that you are spotted seeking is booked and available for you when you arrive at your destination, and they will also work with you to ensure that you enjoy the best holiday possible by ensuring that the holiday destination and all that is required are available at your destination, that’s your travel concierge.

The travel concierge services that will be available when using a concierge are free of charge, but they will require that you book through them and will need your passport and that you agree with the travel representative that they are going to be your tour guide on the holiday that you are booking and that they are going to stay with you throughout the entire holiday.

Remember that there are still a few places that you will have to book your London holiday accommodation yourself and that the travel concierge will have a number of these deals available to them in order to satisfy their customers needs.

This will mean that you can have access to suppliers that are not normally available to the general public, and this will give you access to places that only a few people in the world have access to.

These London places will be businesses that only cater for the high netting of the luxury tourist market. However they have a large section of the general public that frequent them and if you are able to reach enough people then you can even make a business out of it.

The high netting luxury holiday provider is able to enter into luxury accommodation deals that many people won’t be able to find, this allows them to book luxury getaways and luxury holidays direct from the suppliers, this business has grown to be very strong in the last few years.

High Netting London holidays are provided on a private plane (usually a Helicopter) and are docked at luxury hotels close to the airport, these hotels often have first class facilities and some have their own hospitals and medical clinics. Often the resorts have close links to the cruise ships that travel to Mauritius and the island Basiliques, these allow for easy access to and from the resorts to the Mauritius hotels and the CIM Commercial Airport.

The high netting airlines like Air Transat and Sun Continental have daily flights from Canada and other cities. These airlines have daily flights from European cities to the Mauritius island. Airlines like Sun Continental and Air Transat also provide flights to a lot of Asian Island nations, such as the Phang-nga Islands, the Seychelles and Goa.

These London airlines have a lot of competition in the market and it is hard to choose as you will find that almost all airlines do have excellent package deals. The only thing you need to watch out for is the coverage of the various insurance policies as each company will state they have different levels of coverage. All insurance companies will require you to have the customers insurance on the policy before they will accept you as a permanent customer.

Watch out for the London destinations that the high netting airlines fly to, as they often have shorter travel times and lower airstrips, which could be a cheaper option for the holiday makers that are looking for a getaway within Mauritius.

5 Tips to Follow When Driving Safely in London

5 Tips to Follow While Driving in London can be fun but there are also some factors that need to be kept in mind while driving to make it safe and enjoyable as well. Here are some tips to keep you driving safely.

1. The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is highway driving. London, and most of the northern hemisphere have highway networks of varying speeds. The speed limit in most areas is 50 miles on highways. tracks may be very well maintained and frequently patrolled. A good network does not have many lanes so you better watch out for each other. Also, many roads are hairpin bends with large trucks and buses often zipping past on determined paths. Highways in Australia are normality where the speed limit is 100km on a good day, and this includes rural areas.

2. Cracks need to be checked and maintained regularly. This requires dielectric testing companies.  This means that underneath the car, or in the case of a van, a mattress and plastic box or roof box need to be filled or emptied at least every couple of months. We do not want a small crevice or hole in the side of a van or truck, if it is travelling long distances or heavy goods. With any kind of London vehicle work is a necessity.

3. The bedding and personal belongings in the van or truck needs to be packed together well. The bedding can be Thin Foam and checked in by the weight, in order to cushion the furniture as well as the bed itself. The furniture or bedding needs to be placed in piles or chains somewhere so as to be able to pile it freely on the seats or beds. P piles should be stacked one above the other. The pile should be flat and without hidden loose edges or creases. P piles should be sealed well, either using paint or bond.

4. The wiper fluid needs to be replaced on a regular basis, especially if the motor home is not used as frequently. The wiper fluid uses a fine chemical made from the Campden Leisure product, which is sold under many other names. This Campden Leisure product may not be as expensive as some campden goods, but in mystic environment the Campden Leisure product provides good cleaning service and lifetime guarantee on it’s product.

5. If you use a GPS in London it is very good to have available when driving, even if you don’t always use a GPS the cell phone normally offers good directions and they are easily replaced.

6. Never leave your cell phone in your London vehicle when driving, this may result in unexpected good or bad things happening to your vehicle!

7. Always make sure your battery is fully charged when driving, particularly when using the hand crank inverter as your vehicle may start up suddenly, this could damage your engine.

8. The battery should be moved to the best place as it will get charged much faster this way. If you do not have a car battery you can use a different car battery, most car batteries look like large flashlight heads and are easy to use.

9. Even if you drive using only your left hand, it is still a good idea to get your right arm and hand muscles used as you will be moving more than your left hand.

10. If you are not a right hand drive vehicle, you will still need to get and use a hand crank (clockwise crank) to start the engine.

11. The London vehicle tip above is really important as far as getting the vehicle started efficiently is concerned.

12. If you are not doing that often it is a good idea to have a tool kit that includes the things you would need to start your vehicle, without entering all the possible hassle that is associated with a rental car.

13. You will need the contact details for the London tow company, just in case they need to be called for a vehicle to be towed.

14. Keep a window and the right hand gear fastened and the tow vehicle on the ground and away from on the road while you get the things from the shop, in case you do have to wait for a while.

15. The most important thing to be safe is that you drive through the London areas that you are not familiar with.

16. Check that your lights are in good working order, your tires have no air, check the oil, make sure you have no antelope Horn too dry, the clutch needs to be tested, the drive train needs to be tensioned up and the fuel normal.

17. If you are thinking about the London cold weather hitting you, you need to tie a woolen scarf around your neck and wear your jacket and gloves, jumper and scarf in the rainy season.

18. Wear all the items you need in the car with you, you will waste no time shopping while you are on the road.



Most Visited Bird Sanctuaries in India

Most Visited Bird Sanctuaries in India


I took a short vacation from my cabinet refacing Nashville business and did a amazing trip to India. Owing to its varied geography, climate and presence of a long coastline, India is the home to several species of birds. Not only can you spot numerous regional birds here, but scores of migratory birds also make India, their temporary habitat. Bird sanctuaries in India are therefore a hot spot for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

With more than 1200 species of avifauna present in India, it has forever been one of the favored destinations for tourists. Among the most distinguished bird sanctuaries in India, the following are the most visited ones:

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Situated in Rajasthan in Northern India, Bharatpur is an exclusive reserve for rare avifauna and Indian Wildlife. It is a Ramsar site under the Ramsar Convention, and hence is also a World Heritage site.

Over 350 species of birds can be seen in this 29 Sq Km Park. One third of them are migrants, who have made this sanctuary their wintering ground. Since Bharatpur Sanctuary lies on the Central Asian Flyway of the Asia Pacific Global Migratory Flyway; it is a wintering ground for a large number of migratory water-bird that breeds in the Pale arctic region.

The endangered Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) uses this bird sanctuary as its only wintering ground. Apart from this, you can also find several species of Pelicans, Cranes, Larks and Geese here. The sanctuary has been declared as a protected area in the year 1992 and has received a lot of attention from the government, UNESCO and other international organizations.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala

The Kumarakom is spread across 14 acres of land around the Vembanad Lake, near the Backwaters. It is home to a large number of migratory birds like Flycatcher, Teal, Siberian Stork, Crane, Parrots and Wood Beetle. This sanctuary is also famous for a variety of water birds like the Kingfisher, Heron, Egret, Darter, Owl, and Cuckoo.

The best way of viewing birds at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is by riding a houseboat or motorboat. In case you want to experience the rustic rural touch, try to get hold of a local rice boat or fishing boat. These will help you to watch the birds at play without them being disturbed by the sounds of motor.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

Traveling to Ranganathittu for watching birds can be an exhilarating experience for you. Away from the busy schedule of fast passed life, spending a day amidst nature can be quiet rewarding.

This Bird Sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River and is laden with rare avian species. It is a happy breeding ground of internationally important Malabar Whistling Duck and many other avian varieties. It also houses the largest number of Storks per acre in India. Apart from this, other exotic birds like Cormorants, Mynas, Pintails, Indian Moorhen, Steppe, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Egret, Atal, Makaloo, Spot bat, Myna, Owl, Glaucous-winged Ducks, Spoon-bills, Western flycatcher, Grey Horned Owl, Malabar Grey Horned Owl, Gray Meadowl and others are seen here.

incubating the eggs of kingfishers and beside the clear sparkling waters of the Ramganga are the lush green meadows, thick forest and miles and miles of uninterrupted Appalachian Trail.

The best way of visiting the sprawling Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is by riding a houseboat or motorboat. A guided tour by rickshaw or train is also a must. This way you can have a hand full of this sanctuary, wildlife and birds without worrying about your accommodation.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Bharatpur Sanctuary is situated 53 km out of Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. This famous bird sanctuary is widely known for its large number of migratory birds and avifauna. In this bird sanctuary you will find many migratory birds like Raven, Kingfisher, Egret, Myna, Owl, Shovellers, Night Heron,mite, Sea gull and the migratory Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus). Apart from these you can also find some rare and beautiful birds like cutthroat cuckoo, white Ibis, little blue heron, grey heron, paradise flycatcher and thirty one streaking thrushes.

Rabbit alpine bloom and se good luck charm tips

Ranthambhore National Park is opened from November to June.


Top Vacation Attractions in Nashville

Nashville Vacation


No matter where you visit in Nashville, there is always somewhere to listen to live music. There a small venues as well as the well-known large auditoriums. Local people are very friendly and will delight in advising you of the best places to go and visit. Most VIPs tend to mix with the locals and there is every chance that you will come across someone you have heard of when in a store or bar.

Music Row

Music Row is an important part of the Nashville music scene. It is found around 16th and 17th avenues south. In Music Row you will see the FCA, studio B. You will also see Columbia’s Quonset Development Hut, which was the first studio located in the area, way back. The area was developed in the 1950s”, after Nashville became known as “Music City, USA. After they signed Elvis Presley, RCA realized that it would be beneficial to have a branch office in the South East, and they chose Nashville. It was there that the fusion of Country Music and Soft Rock Music called Country Rock was created.

Not only will you see the recording studios, but many businesses that support the music industry, like music-licensing firms, are located in the area. Things to see are:

  • RCA Studio B
  • Quonset Hut
  • Owen Bradley Park
  • Musica Statue

This is an area of town where you will find many of the recording studios. This is one area where you will definitely benefit from being part of an organized tour as without a knowledgeable guide it would be difficult to know what you are seeing. A good tour is the NashvilleTrolley Tour.

The Nashville Parthenon

The Nashville Parthenon is a stunning full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens. You may think that this is an odd building to find in Nashville, but it was originally constructed in 1897 as part of the “Tennessee Centennial Exposition.” Nashville, known as Äthens of the South”is an acknowledgement of the city’s place as a cultural and artistic “capital.”

Today, the building serves as an Art Museum which features both classic pieces and modern ones as well, such as artists like Andy Warhol. In the 1990s they added a large sculpture of Greek Goddess Athena to the building.

The Tennessee Centennial Exposition had several buildings constructed, based on ancient originals. However, they, unlike the Parthenon, were not exact replicas and had less value. The other buildings were demolished after the Exposition, although one other building (Knights of Pythias Pavilion) was saved and moved to the nearby city of Franklin.

The building has been used in several movies and for several large cultural performances. The Nashville Parthenon underwent large scale renovation in 2002, and had a lot of construction and construction debris which ended up being one of the largest Nashville Recycling jobs ever.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

10 miles East of the center of Nashville is Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. The plantation there was reliant on slaves to work the 1000 or more acres. The property was owned by Andrew Jackson, who was the seventh President of the United States, between 1804 and his death in 1845. He only occasionally lived there until his retirement

The property today is 1120 acres and is managed by the Andrew Jackson Foundation. The mansion is the most authentically preserved ex-president’s home in the USA. Each year the estate gets over a quarter million visitors, making it the fourth most visited home of an ex-president. In 1960 the property was declared a National Historic Landmark.

The Grand Ole Opry

The “Grand Ole Opry” is a country music stage concert that takes place every week. It began in November 1925 as a one-hour radio “Barn Dance.” The program was carried on WSM and is the longest-running show broadcast on USA radio. The show is a mix of established country music singers and chart topping songs in the country, bluegrass, Americana folk, and gospel music. Comedy skits are also performed.

Since 1974, the show has been broadcast from the “Grand Ole Opry House,” which is located East of downtown, for nine months a year, and the remaining three months from the Ryman Auditorium. Occasionally the show is also televised.

Performing at the Grand Ole Opry is seen as a huge honor for country stars whose Induction into the Grand Ole Opry is the highest honor in the country music world. You are able to take a tour and have a guide explain all of the history and stories of those who have performed there. It is a great tour and very informative. For more information, check out the Grand Ole Opry website.

Tennessee State Museum

As the name suggests, The Tennessee State Museum is a large museum which tells the story of the State of Tennessee. This is a free to enter museum and is a great place to take the children. It is a large building and contains quite an array of exhibits.

The earliest known museum in Tennessee foes back to 1817. The State Museum opened in 1937. The new building was opened in 2018 and is a wonderful building offering great facilities.

One of the permanent exhibits

Civil War & Reconstruction

Massive times of change for the people of Tennessee. A state that remained divided during the civil war.

Tennessee time Tunnel

This exhibit takes a unique approach to telling the story of Tennessee. A great way of bringing together the various exhibits in a continuous time-line.

The General Jackson Showboat

The General Jackson Showboat is one of the largest ever built. It was built inland in Indiana and launched onto the Cumberland River in April 1985. Showboats are an integral part of the history of the USA, and this new arrival was named after the very first Showboat on the Cumberland River in 1817. The General Jackson Showboat can take 1,000 passengers as well as the crew. The length of the boat is 274 feet, but add the length of the gangplank and you get 300 feet.

The boat can operate in just 7 feet of water and can travel at an average speed of 3-4 mph. The top speed is 13 mph. Your cruise includes some fantastic views of Nashville and the surrounding area while you enjoy scrumptious meals prepared by top quality chefs, and entertainment in the two story theater. Cruises last around two and a half hours to three hours.

Ryman Auditorium

The first concert at the Ryman Auditorium was the May Music Festival with the Theodore Thomas Orchestra. This concert was a benefit to try and secure some artifacts for Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. In May 1893, what was billed as the most important religious gathering ever took place for the Southern Baptist Convention. Lectures and religious meetings were the most common use of the auditorium until 1901 when they built the first stage at the Ryman Auditorium. The earliest musical concerts were opera mostly. When cinema became popular, the Ryman was one of the few venues that did not switch to become a cinema. In 1921 the Jazz Hounds performed, but still it was mostly opera at the Ryman. An exception was Harry Houdini, who performed in 1924, with many of his most famous acts. In 1925 the Grand Ole Opret was launched. The Opey used various other venues in the early years before moving to the Ryman in 1943, where it stayed for 31 years, when in 1974 the Grand Ole Opry moved to its custom-built permanent home at the Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland. From 2010 the Opry returned to the Ryman during the winter months.

There are Tours of the Ryman Auditorium and if you get the chance you should try to catch one. They have self guided tours, and they even have “The Proposal Package” where guys get the opportunity to propose on the stage of the Ryman.

The Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is a historic site and winery in Nashville, Tennessee. It is devoted especially to the preservation of Tennessee architecture, hospitality and its equestrian past. There are three tours. The first tour is of the Mansion and tells the stories of the Harding and Jackson families and the lives of those who worked there. The second tour, Journey to jubilee Tour, looks at the stories of enslaved African Americans and Belle Meade. The third tour is a Segway tour of the grounds, together with complimentary wine tastings.


In 1807 John Harding bought Durham’s station log cabin and 250 acres of land and began to develop a farm which he called Belle Meade. Harding ran several business including a blacksmith’s shop, cotton gin, grist and saw mills. By 1816 Harding was also boarding horses, include horses for his neighbor Andrew Jackson. Middle Tennessee gradually became synonymous with thoroughbreds. By 1823 Harding had registered his own racing colors with the Nashville Jockey Club.

As a strong supporter of the Confederate cause, during the civil war Harding donated large sums of money to the formation of the confederate army. When the Union army took control of Nashville, Harding was arrested and sent north to be imprisoned. During the war, Confederate troops also occupied Belle Meade.

After the war Harding gave up racing, to concentrate on breeding at which they were very successful. The property was sold after Harding and his son both died and much of the land was bought to be turned into the city of Belle Meade. The remaining 30 acres and the mansion were preserved and in 1953 the State of Tennessee purchased the property.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee is a large museum devoted to American popular and folk music.. It was chartered in 1964 and since then has built up one of the world’s most extensive collection of recorded music.

In the early 1960s the Country Music Association (CMA) was running a major campaign to publicize country music, and they decided that a new organization was needed to set up a museum of country music and to carry out research and education. These were things that the CMA could not do as a trade association. In 1964 the State of Tennessee chartered a non-profit organization “The Country music Foundation” to undertake the work. In the early days staff from the CMA had worked for the CMF, but by 1972 the Museum started to employee its own staff.

In May 2001, the Museum moved to a new facility in Downtown Nashville. In 2014, they doubled the size of the museum with the addition of new facilities. In addition to the museum, the CMF has a 776 sq ft CMA Theater, The Taylor Swift center, and also spaces for multi-purpose use.

Membership of the Country Music Hall of Fame is an honor which is highly prized and is offered to performers, as well as songwriters, broadcasters, and executives that have served Country music The very first inductees were Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Roy Acuff.

There are exhibits to see, special performances, family and youth programs and a great deal more. You may want to check their website for current events taking place.

The Tennessee State Capitol

In addition to all the remarkable music attractions in Nashville, we should not forget that Nashville is also the State Capitol of Tennessee. The Capitol is now open for self-guided tours. The building itself is pretty much as it was when it first opened in 1859. It is one of the oldest working State Capitol buildings in the USA. It houses the Tennessee General Assembly and also houses the offices of the Governor. In the grounds of the capitol building are numerous statues including those of Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.

When you’re done with all the attractions in Nashville itself, don’t forget to take a trip out into the surrounding countryside where you will see gorgeous landscapes. Of course, we have only been able to list a selection of the wonderful places to visit in Nashville. This is a city that welcomes tourists and there is just so much that the people of Nashville want to share with you.

Top Vacations Spots in Connecticut

Connecticut vacation spots


The best way to really appreciate Connecticut is to look at the communities in the state and choose those with the most to offer. There is so much to see in Connecticut. Historical places, theme parks, state parks, the coast. Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, you will find it in Connecticut.


Hartford, a former Dutch trading post, sits on the Connecticut River, and is one of the best child-friendly vacation spots in Connecticut. Particularly popular with children is the Bushnell Park vintage carousel, and the outstanding Connecticut Science Center. Other great places to visit are Mark Twain House and Harriet Beecher Stowe House.

If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, just a short drive away from Hartford is the Talcott Mountain State Park, where you can enjoy the great scenery and a chilled out atmosphere, contrasting the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hartford is the capital city of Connecticut and was founded in 1665 (one of the oldest established cities in the country). Just after the civil war, it was one of the richest cities in the USA, however, these days it is among the poorest and 30% of families live below the poverty line. the original site of the first settlement was in the area now known as Park River.

The best place to stay

Hartford Marriott Downtown is our recommended hotel, situated opposite the convention center and just 1 km from the XL Center. The hotel features an on-site Starbucks and its own fitness center and it has a choice of four different golf courses within just 8 km of the hotel.


Milford is an old historic city that dates back as far as 1639. The whole place feels very English. The city straddles the Wepawaug River which gently flows through the center of the center. The spot on which the city now rests was home to Native Americans for thousands of years, until in 1639 English settlers bought the land from Ansantawae, the chief of the Paugussett Tribe.

Once in Milford, why not relax on the beautiful Woodmont Beach. This is a laid-back neighborhood location that is ideal for kayaking, fishing, sea-side walks, or just lounging on the beach. Not far from the harbor is Wilcox Park which is a small wooded park that has several tracks where you can walk or mountain bike. It is just perfect for a blanket picnic.

Every year on the third Saturday of August they hold an Oyster festival which takes place on and around the green. There is a wide range of things happening during the festival.

Best place to stay

The Red Roof Inn Milford – is the best place to stay. It offers great customer service and attractive prices. It is a real home from home.


Just a two-hour journey from Boston and New York, Chester is an excellent place to visit for relaxation and as an escape from urban life. There is a cute main street that offers a selection of cafés and gift shops the brim with character. Just stroll around and chill and enjoy the atmosphere.

Catch a show at the Terris Theater after enjoying a meal at one of the nearby restaurants. In the daytime, take the Chester Hadlyme Ferry and visit the Gillette Castle State Park that sits high above the Connecticut River. The castle was originally a private home, that was designed and commissioned by William Gillette, an American actor. in 1943 the State purchased the castle for the low price of $5,000. A bargain, since the home had cost $1 million to build and took a team of 20 men five years to construct.

Best place to stay

The Riverwind bed and Breakfast located just south of Chester is a romantic bed and breakfast situated in the river valley, between the towns of Essex and Chester.The seven-bedroom Colonial Inn features rooms with private baths, wifi, and air-conditioning.


Bristol is an absolutely perfect place for a family with kids to vacation. it is home to the famous Lake Compounce, which is the oldest established theme park in the USA. Lake Compounce features some exciting rides, including water rides and the Boulder Dash.

Lake Compounce

At Lake Compounce the oldest continually running Theme Park in the USA, you are never going to be short of things to do. It is a fun location for all the family and a fantastic vacation resort. Plenty of rides and some fun shows to watch.

Top Attractions

  1. American Flyers
  2. Anchor Bay
  3. Antique Carousel
  4. Bayou Bay
  5. Boulder Dash
  6. Bumper Cars
  7. C.P.Huntingdon train
  8. Clipper Cove
  9. Croc-O-Nile
  10. Dino Expedition
  11. Down Time
  12. Drop Zone
  13. Drum Circus
  14. Fantasy Carousel
  15. Flying Elephants
  16. Ghost Hunt
  17. Giant Wheel
  18. Jolly Jester
  19. Little critters
  20. Little Daredevils
  21. Mammoth Falls
  22. Phobia Fear Coaster
  23. Pirate Ship
  24. Rainbow Riders
  25. Rev-O-Lution
  26. Riptide Racer
  27. Saw Mill plunge
  28. Sky Coaster
  29. The Trolley
  30. The Wave swinger
  31. The Wildcat
  32. Thunder N’ Lightning
  33. Thunder Rapids
  34. Tunnel Twisters
  35. Tunnel Twisters
  36. Twister
  37. Venus Vortex
  38. Zoomerang
  39. Zoomers Gas and Go

Best Place to Stay

Rent one of the cabins, camp out, or park your RV at the Lake Compounce Campground. prices start from just $30.


Madison has been described as a sweet coastal town. it has a laid-back lifestyle. Start the day at one of the local cafes for a pleasant unhurried breakfast. Then you can think about the rest of your day. Possibly a trip to the Hammonasset Beach State Park. The park is Connecticut’s largest shoreline park with over 2 miles of beach to enjoy swimming or relaxing. Maybe you will want to take a stroll along the beautiful sands,

Some activities to enjoy at Hammonasset Beach State Park

  • Boating
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Picnics
  • Programs and Exhibits
  • saltwater fishing
  • walking trails

You may also want to visit the Meigs Point Nature Center and see snakes, turtles, crabs, birds, and fish all at close up. This center is free to visit.

The best place to stay

For a vacation staying in the Madison area, you cannot do better than the Water’s Edge Resort & Spa. Comfortable rooms on a waters edge location make this a delightful place to stay. A large private beach with a leisure pool, boating facilities, and children’s activities.


Mystic used to be an important Connecticut Seaport that lasted around 135 years before things moved on. It first started to operate in 1784 and over 600 ships were built at Mystic. the village is located on the Mystic River.

Mystic is an exciting vacation spot for families with children. It has a wide variety of things for families to do. The popular Mystic Seaport Museum, the largest maritime museum in the United States, is a firm favorite, and children love to explore the exhibits and visit the shipyard.

Another great attraction is the Mystic Aquarium, where you get to see penguins, sharks, and beluga whales.

Fields of Fire Adventure Park

Fields of Fire is an area of 50 acres filled with woodlands. They created an aerial adventure park with five elevated trails, 76 elevated obstacles, and 14 zip lines. There are courses with various levels of difficulty ranging right up to the black course which is so hard that 80% of those that attempt it fail. Could you be one of those that succeed?

Place to Stay

Hampton Inn and Suites in mystic is an excellent place to stay quite near some interesting places to visit.


Westport is located along the famous Connecticut Golden Coast. It is the 19th richest city in the USA, and the third richest in Connecticut. People were living in the Connecticut area for over 75,000 years. When the first white settlers arrived the area was inhabited by the Pequot Indians.

During the revolutionary war, the British, under Major William Tryon landed on Compo beach and headed inland. The Minutemen from Westport remained in hiding as they passed and then hit them from the rear There is a statue of a Minuteman on Compo Beach, facing away from the sea, to commemorate this attack.

What to do in Westport

Sherwood Island State Park – Features woodland, wetlands, and a very attractive seafront.

Compo beach – A curving beach of beautiful sand with basketball courts, wooden playscape, volleyball courts, skate park

Earthplace – A natural history museum, nature center, and sanctuary all in one location.

Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts – Biggest and oldest summer festivals in the USA

Place to stay

The best place to stay in Westport is the Delamar Southport. with 45 guest rooms


If you are seeking a small-town America feel with individually styled buildings and quaint shops. A place that reminds you of how things used to be, then Cornwall is the place for you. Located in Litchfield county which is claimed for its covered bridge, which has been in service since 1864. It is a hotspot for winter sports (if that makes sense) and a great place to ski, but do not want to travel to Vermont.

Cornwall, as you may have guessed, was named after the County of Cornwall in England. It is notable that many communities in Connecticut are named after English or Welsh locations.

Mohawk Mountain is a resort that has great reviews from families. The slopes are not huge but they still offer a variety of slopes that are suited to skiers of varying abilities.

Place to stay

Particularly good after skiing is The Cornwall Inn, which is a small bed and breakfast that offers superb hospitality.


Greenwich is named after the Roya Borough of Greenwich in London and is the center for several financial businesses, dealing in Hedge Funds. The town was first settled in 1640 The town was first founded on what is now known as Greenwich Point, and that area is today known as Old Greenwich. Greenwich is the wealthiest town in Connecticut and the median value of a home in Greenwich is $1.278 million.

Top things to do in Greenwich

The Bruce Museum – A place to explore science and the arts.

Greenwich Avenue – The main street in Greenwich. A place to e seen amongst the upscale shops and restaurants which have some of the best Commercial Kitchen Design in the country.

Greenwich polo Club – Of course a popular sort in Greenwich would have to be polo.

Putnam Cottage – 3 Room cottage that belonged to general Punam

Place to stay

The best place to stay in Westport is the Delamar Greenwich with 45 guest rooms


Essex was the inspiration for the long-running TV series, the Gilmore girls. The fictional town of Stars Hollow was based on Essex, Essex is made up of three villages, Essex Village, Centerbrook, and Ivoryton. Essex was the only American tow to ever be attacked by a foreign power. It was attacked in the war of 1812 when 28 ships and a very large two-story house in Essex were destroyed by the British. One historian described the attack as the Pearl Harbor of the 1812 war.

163 Marine rowed ashore in six boats under the command of Richard Coote. They were supported by four British warships anchored in long island Sound. They arrived at Main Street at 4 am. These boats were armed with swivel guns which fired grapeshot and the marines were equipped with muskets. They quickly took control of the town and struck a deal that in return for no resistance from the townspeople and militia, that they would not destroy the town and surrounding farms, nor would they harm the townspeople. The British soon had destroyed the ships at Anchor, liberated stores of rum and rope, and made their escape despite an attack by militia from Killingworth.

Things to do in Essex

Connecticut River Museum – Displays on the maritime history of the Connecticut river

Pratt House – Home of one of the original settlers

Essex Steam train and riverboat – Take on or both tours together, Riverboat and restored railway.

The best place to stay in Essex

We suggest that a good hotel you may like to try is the Griswold Inn has 33 rooms and is the oldest continually operated Inn in the USA!