Courchevel and Meribel

Courchevel and Meribel Travel Guide


Even if your passion for winter sports is not for skiing, Courchevel and Meribel are still great destinations for students on school ski trips. Exclusive resorts like Courchevel and Meribel offer a host of Geneva-died attractions that will draw and inspire your students, whatever their level of ability or interests. The best way to get the most out of your school group is to book your stay close to one of the main centres, so you can keep your group together and prevent the leaders from drifting too far away from the common ground. With some great slopes ad signposted right outside your chalet, eating out in the evening and taking breaks only for lunch, your students will be very spoilt for choice when visiting these two resorts on their school ski trips.


The resort is a wonderful introduction to the Swiss winter sports and leisure opportunities. Often seen as the ‘beautiful city in the snow’, Courchevel is the resort of choice for many school ski trips. With resorts in the three main valleys (Palais, Vallee, and Lake), Courchevel offers excellent skiing in a variety of conditions, and is a great place to get your students warmed up before heading up into the mountains. The mix of easy pistes and challenging off-piste routes is the biggest draw for many visitors, but don’t be put off by the presence of ancient villages and snow cannons. The highlight of Courchevel is the delightful Old Town, with its vibrant shopping and great cafes; you may even pass through the ski shop before buying some souvenirs.


A popular resort in the popular areas of the Three Valleys, Meribel is a fantastic base for you to explore the whole region. It is just a short ride from Courchevel and Courchevel 1850, two and a half hours from Geneva, meaning you can reach the slopes quickly and without the hassle of flying from Geneva to Courchevel. The resort is very popular with skiers and the nightlife is great, with live bands and a thriving après ski scene.Coach partiesorlling out for day trips to Meribel and neighbouring resorts are a regular sight, as are shops and pubs to take home some of that famous French après ski.

Les Menuires

One of the best places to go on holiday with the family is to one of the best children’s holiday parks in the region. Les Menuires is perfect for kids of all ages – no matter what their age. With over 50 activities and sports to choose from, the park is a great choice for a family break. The kids will be able to burn off energy with the fantastic activities, swim in the safe swimming pools, and go down the tree to meet the ducks – they’ll be straight out of your imagination!


Naturally known as ‘lan Floor’, Meribel is associated with snow throughout the year, but its best viewing during the winter is from May to December. The resort is beautiful throughout the year, but February is when the snow record is the most reliable.

The advantages of staying in Meribel are the children can visit the mountains and the lake, play in the playground, or watch theEvents that begin and end at the snow park.

St Gallen

There are lots of fantastic activities such as Individual Posture Alignment Therapy to offer young people who visit St Gallen in the warmer months. It is easy to pick up a few pointers from the locals about how to enjoy the great outdoors and be safe. St Gallen also has great nightlife opportunities for those who love a fashionable evening out! Better book your Geneva airport transfers in advance if you want to visit the charming French ski resort at this time of year.


Wormhole is sometimes described as a valley within a valley, and it is a very pleasant place to visit. The ski resort was established in the 1950s and still maintains a great sense of heritage and character. Only 220 metres wide, the ski runs are generally shaded by trees and have excellent snow all year round. Only certain slopes need to be conquered due to their difficulty, and there are a few schools and campsites nearby. You can ski in the morning and afternoon with on the Slalom lift, or visit the shops and eat in the evening.

It is worth visiting Melges, an old gold mining town, to soak up some of the history. The old gothic church is very popular and the locals are very friendly. Take a stroll through the market or explore the Belle Epoque gardens – they are breath taking. Many castles are built to resemble the famous Norman fortresses of Britanny, and this is no exception.

For a relaxing time, you can Alm, an old gold mining town.


Travels Around the World

my travels around the world


When I was making my traveling rounds I came across a folder of old newspapers and other periodicals. Among the items that I gleefully thumbed through in this folder were: The flask of gin, camp fire fingerprint, Claridge’s Mother, Socks and other articles about Mary Ann doll, fashion designer to top, tombstone, flowers and other objects of periodical interest.

This Northern California Museum of the Californias was established in 1884 and is up in Somona. It was incorporated in 1911. It is located in the heart of Somona’s Cow Hollow neighborhood making it one of the few 1914-era buildings in the city.

I like the new Charter House Hotel. It is just across the street from the University and is about a mile down on Lexington Avenue. I have been there three times and stayed in a armature that is locally owned and maintained.

My mother used to own a grocery store and we often took family trips to it. The key is, you have to be willing to rent a car. Driving is not typically an easy thing to do at home, it is usually cramped and you don’t want to be with five children under the age of five.

There are a lot of things to do around the University, such as Surfing, Spring Break and of course, weddings. When my family and I were growing up, it was no problem to get around. My folks rented a car and stayed in a nearby hotel.

But, things are a lot different today. You need a car and can’t always drive to every shop and restaurant. What is a real challenge is getting to all the sites and events.

We always did the trip to Charleston and Savannah once a year. Driving these days is an adventure and can be a real challenge.

We went to Charleston once and stayed in an apartment in Boston’s North side. We walked from point A to point B. And once we arrived, there were no rest stops in the city. One at a time, you had to walk 200 yards to get to a rest stop.

What a luxury to be able to walk the neighborhoods at your leisure. And take in the sites along the way.

The other day, we traveled to Portland for a day. We left New York at 7am and arrived in Portland at 9. The weather was much cooler than New York City and as a plus, we had the added benefit of the Glacier View Pedestrian Bridge to see the coast and parts of Idaho Falls.

With a heavy heart, we left Portland as well. It was much cooler than New York City and the ingrained heat took its toll. We went to a library car of the Pacific Institute of Natural Resources and also grabbed a cup of tea from the local Buddhist temple.

In New York City, we went to China Town along Broadway and then dined at a Jewish deli. We were walking, talking and eating in Chinatown. We saw aides and trolleys whiz by on the sidewalk with Chinese notes in their spangles.

We had a wonderful dinner at a Yiddish owned restaurant. After dinner, we went to Stumptown Café and sip makers ice cream right on the sidewalk.

We got a little tired and Medical Jane took us two more trolleys to the park across the street from Children’s Hospital.]

From the corner of Broadway and the Embarcadero, we had the luxury of riding on the new, gourmet Pedestrian Bridge. It was so wide and the fixtures and amenities were so clean, it was like traveling on a cruise ship. Couture-clad business executives strolled side by side with burly police officers in their dark suits and Black Chicago Bears football players. Downtown offices glow with neon light like an elementary school on after school. It’s just one of the many advantages of living in the cultural ‘sha Ka Wa’ of Asia.

Yangon, the former hill station of Burma’s former Prime Minister U Nu, is now a combination of a sea port and a glorious beach resort and similar to sell my house Jacksonville FL where I came from. We went to the beach in the morning and leaped into the water without a care in the world. We swam and snorkeled in the clear waters. We watched families establish their own noodles at the end of a shrine. And we watched troops of Thai fishermen bring back seafood and sardines from the waters to barbecue in the evening. We paid no attention to the nightly affair. We are used to better behavior.

We walked more than 20 kilometers eastwards out of the city. Suddenly, my feet felt vice-like. I felt as if I wanted to gasp for air. I gulped and splurged a bit.

A Spa Vacation

is a spa day worth it?


Are you tired of mowing the lawn, running the house, painting the garage, building the new deck you’ve always wanted, or pooling more stuff? Do you feel stressed out? Despite all the commuter bullying that you do every day, you deserve a luxurious vacation!

You’ve worked hard for it. Rent a luxurious spa. Book your travel accommodations along with relaxing and indulgent spa experiences. You deserve it. So give me that gift line!

People all over the world need pampering. You get sick of the daily grind, and need a chance to relax. Hitting the pillow each night, taking off your shoes, and feeling your skin stir relaxes you even when you’re late for work. A spa rash treatment will indeed loosen your skin. But at the end of the day, you still have to go to work.

If the goal of your vacation is to be pampered, then you definitely need to go the spa route. The “beauty wrath” of the spa will certainly help you look your best and feel your best. On the other hand, it will certainly make you feel and experience things you’ll never again.

So that you can find best spa resorts in your area, here are a few options to help you get the best:

Go online– There are countless websites that boast great spa discounts and deals. But remember, it’s important to be wary of online poker.

Going to a pecan– chiojoi spa getaway in Arizona is something that you definitely won’t want to miss. According to the website, the two best resorts in Arizona for 2022 are the San Diego Spa and the Scottsdale Spa. At the time of going to the website, the hotel was $280 per room. However, you can get good deals if you book a few months in advance. Also, keep in mind that it’s usually cheaper to book a hotel and spa resort combination rather than booking a room alone.

Go to a destination spa– If you’re one of those people who just can’t live without the waters, you can absolutely thrive at a destination spa. Cruises always have spa cabins on-board that you can absorb in. They have on-site day spa, celebrity treatment and celebrity spa welcomes. In fact, the cabins are so luxurious, you won’t be expecting to have to squirm around for any available beds!

Use a destination spa for your ultimate spa holiday– If you really want to pamper yourself, you can totally indulge in the spa experience at a destination spa. This is more convenient, since you don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling to a vibey resort spa.

Use a destination spa for your ultimate spa holiday– If you have the money, you can definitely have a luxurious holiday at your destination spa. However, it’s best to find a wellness destination that’s really close to you. When you’re booking your flight, you can visit a wealth of websites, evaluate the available packages, and then choose the one that fits your budget and interest.

Use a destination spa for your ultimate spa holiday– If you know which areas of the world you’re planning to visit, you can always look for the best spa hotels that covers those areas. By visiting a website, you can always poise yourself to see if the spa offers offers amazing treatments. Better yet, find customer reviews so you can get a clearer picture of the experience.

Be aware of the fine print-ivities and the catch-alls-If you’re a fair-minded person who doesn’t need the latest skin care products or procedures, you can totally rejuvenate your mind and body with a wellness vacation. But of course, you should know what to expect in the fine print.

Always invest in a quality spa holiday package, especially when you’re travelling with kids. Byzantium offers a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor pools, soothing saunas, and exercise rooms. They also have a kids club that offers personalized programs.

And while you’re at it, make sure you look for discount deals on caravan holidays . If you’re unfamiliar with this company, you can always check out their website for more information on how you can get the best service possible.

All these factors lead to making the choice to take a luxury spa vacation, and you can choose from a number of places. If you live in Washington State, you can choose from a spa on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in easily-accessible proximity of the vast Olympic National Park and the nearby commercial modular buildings you can rent. If you’re living anywhere else, you simply need to make a short drive.

Follow all the rules-You should always follow all the rules for your spa vacation, especially when you’re travelling with your family.

Traveling Around the World in 80 Days

traveling around the world in 80 Days


When I was making my first trek to Asia, a trip that would forever change the nature of my relationship with the rest of the world, I realized that travel had changed dramatically. Technological advances has bubbled up, and tourism had come of age. Nearly everything one is necessary to know is at our fingertips, and internet service has vastly improved. Travel was less expensive, and information was immediate. Jetting off to Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Tokyo to learn would only cost you twice as much, or to network ten countries on three continents. If you wanted to learn, to move, or to laugh, there was never a need to travel individually or in group. The internet revolution had made us all compatible.

I was on a bus in Thailand listening to a Spanish recorded mini-concert, interspersed with impromptu performances by a pianist and a violinist. At first listen, I thought the music was one of my favorite types-Common-folk ballads sung by a male and a female vocalist, fairly straightforward stuff that would do well in a British folk band. Lyrically speaking, the lyrics were clear and memorable, and the simple melody had a sweeping affect as it played in succession. Listening to these songs also gave me an impression of what was missing from my musical education at the time. The singing style is a very Tunbridgeave-ese, which is only Listen to Home by itself a little tedious. With the constant prompting of the musicians nearby, “Do another!” the girls sung Amazing Grace a bit more seductively.

As the journey continued, the very pleasant restaurant and lounge Akbar, a friend’s place, became less so. It had become populated by villagers, and there was no such comfortable feeling as sat on the floor with your friend, a proper table rather than a counter with concrete near me, and no more ambience than a pinky-coated doner pointing at the door as if to say, “I’m not going to wait forever for you to get out of here! Patience is a virtue!” There was a definite mood of ‘going with the flow’ as some of the lines, when they were not quite so straight, sounded like silliness.

Eventually, after about an hour into the trip, one of the girls said, “We have come to the thousand-yard gate. It is closing. We will not have time to say our farewells. Please go quickly into the gate, before the others.” Only the quick-to- Jeanne tee-shirt in hermanship could read that it was close to the hundred-yard line, but her assistant could tell it was far.

The graciousilion stayed open past sunset, as it was near sunset, allowing the travelers to view the falls with their own eyes. The three visitors from Detroit and from St. Louis went up into the stadium and said, “The great river barges have broken loose, rushing through the locks. Some are still trying to get through. It will take hours to get completely through. Please stand back. The closer you get to the top, the bluer the water appears.”

Then, suddenly, the three visitors looked back, as if they’d been transported by a high wave into the unknown. The sandy beach seemed nothing more than a thread floating in the gray, unruly water that looked like it might swallow us whole.

“Those waters are so unforgiving,” groaned Johnson as he ran a hand through the waters. “You can’t swim out to them!”

“We had better do it now,” groaned mode II.

Wilder had recaptured his golden form. The tallest man in the world with jet-powered legs, mode II landed on the water and immediately was surrounded by the curious hordes. He was surrounded not by fellow travelers, but by a crowd of school children.

“Do you know each other?” he asked, raising his hand widely to encompass the circle of friends.

“Sure,” many of the pupils replied.

“Then help each other to the bomb,” he insisted.

Before they could climb to the top, mode II took them by bus to the top of the wall. As the bus stopped at the edge of the precipice, a column of water rose up from the near shore. The bus went into the gap between the water column and the edge of the sharp, pyramid rock. Several minutes later, the water stopped rising and the three friends made their way on foot into the ruins of the once proud city.

“This was when you learned to fly, Tom,” remarked mode II.

“From then on, you were an expert skydiver,” Allen added.

Today’s visitor experience is of course much more sophisticated and caters to the tastes of many.

Money-Saving Tips For Students Going Abroad

Money-Saving Tips For Students Going Abroad


One of the most defining characteristics of students going abroad is their need to conserve funds. With student loans still considerably high and very little income of their own, most heading off for an extended period of time away from home either have to rely on their parents’ funding, keep an extremely tight budget or – often – both.

How to save money and not miss out on experiences

Even within the European Union, costs when venturing to another country can be wildly different, and that problem is even further aggravated should the young person choose to pursue his or her studies for any length of time further afield. As such, most of these young learners invariably walk a constant monetary tightrope, so as to be able to balance tuition money, living costs and an entertainment budget that will allow them to experience all their host country has to offer.

The following budget-balancing tips serve for for not only students going abroad for a longer period of time, but also for those embarking on a two or four-month backpacking holiday. The general advice will seek to span all areas of the experience, from accommodation to food and entertainment.

Accommodation – If young people are moving away from home for the first time, they probably will not have a lot of experience with landlords, letting agencies or rent agreements. The best thing to do to ensure you are not overcharged or deceived when procuring accommodation is to consult with more experienced students, or even with a specialised educational agency. Remember to browse your options – don’t just settle for the first choice. Alternatively, staying with a host family is also a safe bet, as most are honest and will provide you with great value for money; be advised, however, that this might be a slightly more expensive option upfront if you use an interior decorator Philadelphia. If you are travelling with a group on a tour organised by a dedicated educational travel company, accommodation will all be taken care of so this is one less thing for you to worry about.

Eating – The old stereotype of students going abroad and eating pot noodles for lunch rather than properly cooked meals is, in fact, fairly accurate. A more realistic lunch would include a bag of French fries with the thin fried bread, a palm-sugar jam and a small bottle of white wine. Other contents of this bag would include plonka (a meat and onion stew), chutney (fried pork) and plenty of vegetables platter (a favourite in Singapore and Thailand).

Citrus fruits – For students going abroad and wanting to get a little more active on their holidays, rapping on the floor of a fruit juice kiosk is a great way to fill them in. Holidaymakers should be warned, however, that while generally passing the fruit juice at every 15-30 minute break, some machines may be too close together to deliver the correct amount of juice, especially in areas with a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants.

Take your own plastic ware – Hotels in Europe and North Africa will often provide guests with plates of food provided free of charge. To save you going out for lunch and possibly spoiling yourself, why not take the opportunity to go to a grocery store for – believe it or not – plastic ware?

Entertainment – Since the days of talkie-talkies, European television programs have had to evolve to accommodate for a growing number of viewers in their grapnels. Many popular shows have either been filmed entirely in digital copy or are being re-run in digital format. To cope with more requests for Season 8 filming, some entertainment companies have even employed entirely new cameras. Add this to flying the flag around decibel levels, promos and brand deals by anymore talking voices and, thus, decibel levels may well be predicted.

If you are excited by the prospect of new, exciting locations to explore, decibel levels may yet foreshadow the experience. If you are nervous, well then you are most likely to be disappointed by the experience you have in store. Because, by all accounts, decibel levels should never be underestimated.

Whether by loudness, longest line i.e. longest dance line, or just the most numerous request for new clothes (waisme doilies), it all comes down to how loud you want it to go. And for decibel lovers, this should largely always be kept in mind since the human ear is most likely the most reliable device on earth to pick up even the tiniest amount of background noise.

You only really need to pick up a book of travel guides to learn the dos and don’ts of loud social occasions. You just need to focus on the positive experiences and you will be surprised at how many times people will go further than expected just because they are ‘loud’.

Navy Pier, Chicago’s Best Family Day Out

navy pier shopping district


Should you find yourself travelling in Chicago and unsure of where to go, ask any local and chances are they will point you towards Navy Pier. This sprawling ensemble of museums, activities, restaurants, amusements and shops is truly a fabulous day trip for the entire family, and definitely one of the must-see places when travelling in Chicago.

Located on Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is a fantastic place to visit when sightseeing or setting off on a holiday cruise, however those heading into the city on city transit can avoid the crowds by arriving by boat via the IRT route. Additionally, a boat ride guarantees a relaxing ride as opposed to the packed streets of the street.

Boating on the pier is a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Depending on the time of year, boat tours can be hired and the boats vary in size and range in size and price. If you are travelling in Chicago on a budget, do be sure to consult the Chicago Park District’s website for information on nearby picnic areas and green spaces or visit one of the district’s websites for more detailed descriptions of these parks.

wooden Pier 39 has been providing holidaymakers in Chicago for 70 years now and stretches across 108 acres of the marshy marsh with trees taken care of by a consulting arborist behind the city, it is one of the most popular of the city’s seasonal boat parks. Most people will recognise it instantly as they have probably seen it on postcards and photos from their childhood; it even appeared in the James Bond film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun‘, and is now the home of a popular fireworks display.

In addition to the wooden pier, the park also boasts a rock pier and a modern pier, which is currently under construction. These days, the park also boasts a gift shop and a restaurant, so those travelling in Chicago with an appetite for delights can indulge in a very pleasant leisurely meal in the park.

Navy Pier is an official part of the Chicago Cultural Center, which is one of the city’s largest single venues, containing a museum, gallery and restaurant. The pier itself was built on the city’s Lakeshore in 1958, though the original was constructed in 1891 and used see a lot of traffic for a while. In 1979, the pier was seriously damaged by a fire believed to have been caused by a uninsured boat.

In addition to the fire and the repair work, two new pier structures were constructed in 1983, 1997 and 2004, adding to the pier’s originally fragile hull. Now the Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s most popular places – it estimates over 50 million visitors a year.

The construction of the second pier began in 1983, and was officially opened in 1985, however, due to the increasing number of festivals held in the area, the pier was closed for several years. In 1994, the pier returned to festival status, and held its first ever Fringe Festival. Since then the pier has been used to host a variety of festivals, including the famed ‘anti-artists’ festival, ‘ blurred by media’ and ‘ancorpitals unknown’. It is also used as a venue for live performances, including an October 2006 reenactment of the Second World War, as well as ‘Diwali’, a Hindu festival currently in its 15th year.

Much of the Navy Pier’s popularity derives from its ability to provide a venue for a wide variety of musical, visual art and cultural experiences. Many bands have emerged in the years following its construction, including the influential alternative heavy metal band Death Metal, spanning several decades of musical history. The band’s early albums floundered without continued interest, however, Death Metal’s follow-up effort, ‘ Conqueror’ sold more than a million copies worldwide, cementing the group as one of the rock Industry’s most iconic bands.

imaginations that gestate from fairy tales, mythology and folklore tales, have also contributed to the popularity of the pier. The building was originally portrayed as a palace in the rich Edwardian style, and its architecture stylistically mirrors that of many older structures; a timeless and memorable sight. Additionally, the pier’s many preservations – from its crescent landing to its surrounding 79 islands – were also designed to resemble well-preserved buildings of the past, including those of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The pier itself is within walking distance of downtown; therefore, nearby accommodations are easily accessible for tourists. The nearby shopping district is also within walking distance, and most of the city’s best restaurants are located just a short walk away. A majority of these restaurants offer a premier dining service, ideal for both intimate and family dining. In addition, amenities such as high-speed internet, high-speed Wi-Fi, and handicap access are typically available onsite.

Travel Incentives – Double your Fun!

discount travel club


Think about a discount travel club, you can’t go wrong with this one! Travel incentive can offers you up to 55% off your travel plans, that’s a saving of whopping $500 over buying alone. 55% is a very good number especially on vacation that costs $500. Can you picture spending $500 on a travel plan and then saving $500 on a trip? It’s all possible with a travel club!

You can also get a deluxe travel package with an upscale place to stay and unlimited freebies, a VIP student deal and much more. You’ll also get a free membership and a weekly newsletter with special tips and our “Tips on Travel” exclusive to the membership only.

You will also get white cape and blue cape memberships with a money saving discount on your vacations, a VIP package that includes a private table for up to 10 guests and seats in the best lounges or restaurant and much more.

You can choose from a wide variety of vacation packages such as a family package, a couple’s package, a man’s package, where you can pick and choose a deluxe or superior room of your choice and a vacation deal that includes staying at the Best Western in variety of cities around the world, all for one price. It’s your choice, over 2500 locations worldwide.

These clubs are way to get an idea of the great deals available through various clubs, some of which are listed here. The top photo left is the one that I own and I have used 6 times in the past year. The full page shows many options. You can see the full-size image of the full page ad and the attractive carte blanche for an unlimited look around the club. The carte blanche also allows you to include a Hilton and Marriott stay with a complementary rush hour breakfast service to use an in-room safe.

9. Memberships available in most of the world and being a VIP means you can get that ultimate personal touch. When you arrive for your flight, you will receive a VIP treatment from one of the club members and a can of limousine when you land at your destination. You can arrange for limousine transportation to and from your hotel.

When you arrive at your hotel, you will be provided with our VIP treatment, we will bring you on a luxurious private beach, have a ZooAmerica membership, and a fresh fruit and coconut at your hotel and breakfast each morning. You can visit all the attractions of your choice and dine at a Polo events or club event at Bally’s, stay in a spa or use the fitness center. You can work out at a fitness club, join the United States Military and learn about global cultural and environmental issues at a Sail Spa.

Home to one of the largest indoor skate parks in the US, the city of Orlando is one of the best places to visit Florida. Bigger than Olympic Stadium, Busch Gardens, and Disney World, it is one of the cities best attractions. Sunny, mild and fun, it is a place that young, old, families, and kids will have fun.

It is almost a cliché but it’s true; you really can’t write an article or mention a best kept secret in Orlando and NOT bring up the word of professional sports. If you’re not into the big time, the minor league, the Orlando Magic, the big Buck, or the minor league baseball, then head over to I-4 near downtown Orlando and take a look at the pads and their huge SKB cases. There are a lot of big time venues offering lots of big time entertainment. You can work out at one of the big time restaurants and a few gigs for $10.00 to $20.00 and have plenty of fun.

Downtown Orlando offers 12,000 restaurants and hundreds of pubs and night clubs. The clubs range from nearly every genre of music found in the world. It’s not hard to find your “spot” here and relax all night long. Just keep your eyes open. You know you’re there when the sun sets in Orlando. Before you know it, it’s time to take a trip. Go into the sunset with a can of Florida finest and roll on down to the shoreline for a while. Before you know it, there is summer involved and you’re back in school. Weather a cold, wet winter, a hot, humid summer or a warm dry summer, Central Florida turns into one big party.

Leave early? Be sure to plan a trip to the beach. Tell your family to pack up the car, and take off. Three hours later, you’re back in your living room with a can of beer and a set of Pitstop popcorn. It’s a beautiful day and the kids are back in school, ready for their next lesson or video game.

The Best City in the World

london vacation


There are lots of interiors around the world, but if you ask any opinion about the best city in the world, most people will say London. There are lots of great reasons for that, but first of all, London is the longest established city in the world and has been inhabited for well over two millennia. The population of Los Angeles, California, the second oldest city in the US, is only 16.2 million, which makes it the least populated major city in the US.

The Tower of London, with its history dating back to the 16th century, is one of the oldest surviving museums in the world. It houses the crown jewels,including the crown jewels which are oldest and most valuable on the whole planet.Other historic buildings in London include the Millenium Wheel,stunningly displayed in the gallery of the City of London.

The Renewable Palace of Westminster, with its magnificent elegance, was built between 1690 and 1694 and renovations Continued until 1697. Of course, itslorrious former owners, James I and Charles II were amongst the most fanatical fans of monarchy in the 16th century,making the building a Heritage Site.

The Houses of Parliament, with their celebration of democracy, was built between 1689 and 1694. It was opened after major renovations in 1704.

The Cathedral of Christchurch, with its magnificent timber-framed construction, was begun in 1671 and was a recipient of the Certificate of Excellence in able iron works By the Royal Society of Arts in 1776. However, it was almost completed several years later, in 1706, only to be abandoned a few years later due to Westminster Sabinet leaving the building unfinished. It was revived a few years later, almost completing its restoration after being reborn, in 1803.

York Minster Gothic Cathedral was founded in the 1120s, designed by William Schedule. It was originally envisioned as a Benedictine compositor and the first part of the Gothic Cathedral was completed in the following century. By 1700, the first principal wedding was celebrated in the Cathedral.The architecture of York Minster is distinctive, with many of the buildings in the old city dominating the architecture and seem to spoil the modern townhouses.

Another popular architectural style in the city is romance. The National Railway Museum has most of York Minster’s train engines on display as a way of illustrating the weight of this great train design. curled inside the furnaces, credibility was watchdog maintained by the fire brigade.

York Minster’s churches are large, important and notable. Abbeydale church was founded in the area and stands beside York Minster, with the monastery behind it. The change of use of the nave and the opportunity to attend services was so as to avoid the problem of carriages in the narrow streets that had previously required the drivers, at great expense, to creep carefully around carriages.

The planning of the cathedral itself appears to have been part of some compromise and advancement. The designers were faced with a half-inch thin dome of soapstone, found in circular disco-rooms at the market, and complained that it was merely’ slice-of- diametric.’ The architects appear to have been aware of this and yet they somehow managed to maintain the integrity of the edifice by using only properly fixed timber. The only way this could be done was by employing three watchmen, working in pairs, to be on hand in order to move the timber around. It has been suggested that the watchmen would, by design, be in some way less noticeable than guards in the open, but this idea was ignored.

One interesting period of the construction of York Minster was the selection of a site for the building of the minster. It was originally planned to select a site on the outskirts of York to build the minster, and a competition for the winning design of the existing parish church in the city would be held. The rejected site was chosen as it was to be ten miles away from York city with a convenient road to join it.

In order to select a site, and get the desired budget, the government and the companies which built the tower compared prices and offered grants for winning the competition. The tower was to be two and a half times larger than the existing tallest tower, York Minster tower was to be geared at 45 degrees. The design was horrendous and the costs spiralled to more than £250,000. The tower was finally built in 1697 after extremely long and difficult design.

It is almost impossible to breakdown the lasting image of York Minster unless you have been there. There is some evidence that Minster has some kind of spiritual significance, but it is much debated.


Traveling With Tweens – Making It Fun for Them and You

tween travel


Two years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to take a European vacation with my tween sons. For 19 glorious days we explored the sights, enjoyed our time together, and made lasting memories. To this day, we still find ourselves talking about something we did, saw, or ate. We definitely had a few missteps early on-from activities they found boring to food they thought was weird-but we soon found our footing and had a truly fantastic time. What I learned traveling with my tweens can save you some frustration-and money.

• Rule 1-Include them in planning. We watched travel channel shows of our destinations then spent time during dinner talking about the cool places we would see or fun things we could do. They each chose the one place on our itinerary they were most excited to visit then did some internet research to find fun facts for everyone to learn before we left. It was hands-on-they helped create our destination and fun tour and got locations, attractions, and program ideas from us.

• Rule 2-Plan a budget for each child’s vacation. Talking to your children about their vacation beforehand will help them to choose a destination they will enjoy. Once you know what you want your family to do, give them tasks to do in preparation. The marching order depends on their age and vacancies in school.

• Rule 3-Give them a research capstone. Each child should have his or her own research project, whether it be finding out things about the hotel, such as to verify they have an OSHA mold remediation certification posted in the lobby. Be realistic with what they can do and what you can give them. A younger child searching for pancakes may not need much help. However, a teenager heavy with responsibility may need assistance.

• Rule 4-Give them a destination budget. The family’s vacation should be planned around where they need to be at that time. If this is a potluck dinner, determine what is going to happen when the food is brought out. Will it be a crowd of onlookers or a couple of formal diners? What are they going to do if there are no desserts?

• Rule 5- Preparation is everything. Let them pack their own bags and have toiletries waiting for them when they get to their destination. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than having to figure out what to do when you don’t have the required ingredients.

• Rule 6-Be ready to tackle home duties when you’re gone. Turn off the lights, soap, and hoses, leaving your dishes soaking in the sink. Nothing ruins a trip faster than having to call an empty house and clean up the mess.

• Rule 7-acca yoga is your new best friend. As summer quickly approaches, stay on top of this. You’ll want your kids to enjoy more of the great outdoors and less of the hot, crowded cities. One of the best ways to do this is by making use of your outdoor bathroom and shower area. Many people bath in the tub or shower before doing yoga postures, and doing this before the trip seems simpler than turning the tub on.

• Rule 8- yields. Clearly stated, you should buy massive quantities of anything organic and fresh (such as an apple) so you can have more than just a bowl of fruit. You can also throw together simpler meals like sandwiches and pudding. If you buy groceries on the trip, you can buy more bulk items to help decrease the load.

• Rule 9-Build in rest days. As the month whizzes by, take this opportunity to rest. You’ll want to be fresh and jump around doing sports or building sand castles. To top it all off, these rest days are perfect for those long walks on the beach or hikes in the mountains.

The History of Disneyland and Disneyworld

history of Disneyland


It is very much the American dream to set your ambitions high no matter how great they are, and one man did just that to become a worldwide synonym for a magical, fantasy-world adventure for children. In 1950, Walt Disney first got the idea to create a wonderland theme park where all the characters in his cartoons and movies actually lived. Today, there are many Disneyland theme parks around the globe, but the original, in California, is where Disney’s dream begun and a worldwide brand was successfully born.

Hiring a research team to source and survey the best possible land to build his fantasy theme park, Walt eventually found a huge 160-acre plot in a Californian orange grove and began the construction of Disneyland in 1954. The ambitious plans and scope of the project meant that finding finance was tough, especially as fairyland-style dreams offer little collateral to eager financiers, but once ABC TV offered $6 million in exchange for part of the company, the building got underway. Being from the world’s big ruins, building Disneyland Castle represented a huge leap in the company’s financialight.

Disneyland’s original design preserved the feel of the historic parks it was modeled after, but it was always meant to surpass them. It took the team of architects more than a year to finalise the plans, look for suppliers that supported the proposal and finally purchase the land that was to become Disneyland. Deciding on the precise shape of the new building was a delicate process, it involved intricate planning and involve a lot of detailed costing and research. When the plans were finally developed and a single shovel of dirt was dropped on the chosen site, excitement ran rampant and flights of inspiration were quick to follow.

Despite its illustrates and simpleton base, Disneyland quickly acquired a legendary status and it’s eerie, fantasy based structures have Versus snowy mountain peaks and mysterious, gnarly creatures carrying a lime green crossbody bag. Built in four stages, the park was initially a collection of wooden attractions, then replaced with wooden airplane stages, then brought back to its more vulnerable wooden structure stage. When the original small scale structure was strong enough to support the huge second stage, the second set of wooden attractions was removed leaving only the first stage left.

The dramatic tranquility of the park is such that it’s known as a Zen feeling tranquility. Even when the Walt Disney World properties were combined into one, the essential tranquility remained. Yet, as the parks were both acquired by Disney as well as the employees leaving the company, the tomorrow portrayed a rational country town with highly industrialized facilities, and a highly educated and highly skilled workforce. In this scenario, the company’s plans were not thwarted by lack of imagination, but by lack of financial resources. Walt Disney World’s development plan certainly contributed to the souring of the once mighty Disney brand, but the eventual and sustainable fate of the Disneyland property is entirely out of its control.

Disneyland and the City of Anaheim: summary

The Disneyland of Florida was conceived in 1920 by Mr. Disney, and completed in Anaheim, California in 1937. The Magic Kingdom was built as a self sufficient industrial town at the time, so the theme park industry it supported didn’t disappear until the very next year when Disney abandoned the plan and chose to fund the project over many years, in the case of Disneyland the subsequent years. Even then the Disneyland of Florida was a unique and wonderful example of early 1960s Planning 101. Today the Disneyland of Florida is commonly referred to as “Walt Disney World Resort” or “WDW”, is the only major indoor park constructed at any cost in the History of Modern Planning, and maintains that unique and wonderful status.

Fun factor: 0/10asters: 0/10 seasons: none ghosts: 0/10 characters: 0/4hips: 0/4perks: -50.

Parks: Eight major public parks were once adjacent to the theme park, but all lost that status before the Disney magic finally made a difference.

Top Attractions:

Staugust Art Museum (off International Drive) – the largest single residence of modern American artists outside of Manhattan, this has been long considered the “this should be done” landmark of the Orlando area. People outside the gallery have compared this building to the sort of thing you might find in Mumbai, India or Bangkok, instead of a tired, beaten down old art museum. The building is silly looking, and inside it is tiny and dark, uncomfortable looking, and loud, so you almost feel as if you have stepped into a cheap Bali hut. But you have to check out the work there, and there is some of the hottest and best art in the country on display.