Australia’s Best Hotels

The Best Australia hotels


When you are in Australia, you just do not any type of accommodation. You would certainly hope for the best one in town. Fortunately you will never be disappointed. There are so many award-winning accommodation options. Some of them are featured here:

White Cliffs Underground Motel

Tired of the usual glamorous and towering hotels and apartment complexes in Sydney? If you’re interested to try out something new, stay at this underground motel. Yes, the name stays true to its location. It is found in one of the underground opal mines in Sydney. This is the best place to be when you also want to get away from the intense heat of the weather. It’s also called White Cliffs since the most of the walls are painted white.

However, before you think you’ve booked a ticket to a fantastic adventure, you should know that the motel is not a cheap stay. Some rooms cost from $200 to $300 a night. The opal floors in the mines are believed to be enable underground habitants to breathe clean air. rightly so, if you think you’ve drank too much.

Lilianfels Blue Mountains

Lilianfels Blue Mountains is located in West Lovedale. This is another underground motel. However, unlike the White Cliffs, it has air con and refrigerator, making it a bit more expensive. But it’s well worth it. The restored lodges and surrounding vineyards give a unique and nostalgic vibe to the place.


Tajimar is one of the most famous salute hillside motels in Australia. Calypso band has regularly composed songs about its breathtaking surroundings. Hotel staff have been known to create a memorable atmosphere by dancing on the Gold Coast’s strip. And famous for its surreal accommodation and wide variety of services, it has become a tourist motel shrine.

acre of hillside in Surry Hills

If you prefer the surreal atrium experience, place this edgy accommodation near therament of Shark Bayon one of the most famous beaches in the world and amazing Outdoor living spaces. Get into an auto draw and experience a virtual trip to Australia’s most spectacular coast. Rooms here are accustomed to chilly breeze and rainforest ventilation. When you’re tired of the hot and humid climate of the city, head to this healing place where the air is much purer and the ambience more refreshing.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you’re still haunted by the ghost of waxworks or Electric Dreams, take a trip to this hovercraft ideal for a sightseeing adventure. As its name suggests, the craft will soar you 77 meters above the ground! Upon stopping, you can even take a dip in the pool at the base of the craft, provided you’ve booster fuel available.


If you wish to sample local cuisine, go to the famous brunch spot, which is found in the heart of the city, open the windows and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee. If you’re into culinary journeys into the wilderness,Jacaranda Beachis an ideal place to indulge in the area’s famous lobster-chicken stew. Other options include relaxing on the beach and swimming in the surf with friends or family.


Located in the Lebombo district of Rio De Janeiro, Tajimarjo is one of Rio’s most popular beaches. In Brazil, it is one of the top 19 attractions (at the time of writing this article) and is a must see. At the town’s beach resort, you can choose from a view of the Lebombo waterfall or take a bite out of the world’s biggest pompi – a lobster Brava or Marliette hit (a pastry filled with seafood, sausage and cheese). The area is also full of shops, stores and restaurants. There are warm cafes and patisseries around the beach, and shops selling handmade crafts and clothing. Another “bests’ exclusive” place isLa Petit Shop, which is an Italian specialty store. The owner makes all kinds of leather purses, belts and specialty items such as Swiss army luggage, stags’ bells, Chanel replica pens and symbolic figures of historic women. You can choose from a wide variety of items, like umbrella or parasols, sandals, shoes, Delle Poque handbags (Rip and tear-off) and colourful scarves. According to the shop’s owner, customers come from all over the world to buy unique items like refrigerator magnets.

If you wish to come across new and interesting locales, go to Artis, a central Copenhagen neighborhood. The locals are generally friendly and the stores and restaurants offer a mix of local and international buys. If you’re tired of the typical Danish shopping experience, head to Chinatown and walk through the streets and alleys that stretch across the area. This is definitely a must see.