How Driving While Intoxicated Can Ruin a Vacation in Dallas, TX

DWI in Dallas, TX


A vacation is characterized by little or no commitment to professional engagement. With the enticing freedom, one gets an opportunity and motivation to drink. If you are planning a vacation to Dallas,Texas, you need to be careful on the issue of drinking and driving. You should not drink and drive.

How driving Driving while intoxicated can ruin a Dallas vacation

The first thing is that if you drink and drive in Dallas, you are going to be pulled over by authorities, and this will ruin your vocation. Dallas authorities know too well that the city does not do well in controlling accidents, and the police department is trying to save its reputation. If you drive when drunk in Texas, you will be pulled over, and possibly arrested.

Drinking and driving can lead to harsh legal consequences. Texas, like most states anyway, sets a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 % or higher. However, if you want to be on the safe side, just avoid drinking and driving. Authorities in Texas are known to encourage a zero tolerance policy concerning following rules and regulations on the road. The police could arrest you if they notice drinking and driving behavior which includes the following: noticing impairment, noticing empty alcohol container, swerving, and erratic driving. Do note that in Texas, if you are asked to take a test, you are legally required to comply, and refusing to take one will not save you from the wrath of the law.

Driving while intoxicated in Dallas, Texas

Drinking when driving can bring about bodily harm to both the driver and the third parties. It is estimated that Dallas records an estimated 145 cases of incapacitating injuries. Drinking and driving can lead to brain damage, disfigurement, and paralysis.

If you drink and drive, you could die during your vacation in Dallas, Texas. It is estimated that every year, Dallas records 1500 drunk driving incidents resulting in an annual average of 75 deaths. Dallas ranked third in the highest cases of drunk driving in Texas, just behind Odessa and Midland. It should be noted that Dallas does not have a small population. The higher the population in the city, the higher the probability of more accidents. In the year 2018, Dallas had a population of 1.34 million people.

If you are on a vocation in Dallas, Texas, and then you drink and drive, then you may not be able to drive again. This is because your vehicle may be impounded. In addition to that, your driving license could be revoked or suspended. In some cases, your vehicle license number plate could be confiscated.

drunk driving in Dallas


You definitely want to have an optimal experience in your vacation in Dallas, Texas. If you want to have this, understand the law in Texas, and simply, do not do any type of driving while intoxicated Dallas. If you make it a habit that you will not be drinking and driving, you will not have any problems with the authorities and you will not face injury or death.


Signs an Austin, TX Hotel Needs to Hire an Electrician

Austin TX Electrician


Does your Austin, TX hotel require an electrician? That sounds like a simple question but it isn’t. So many hotel administrators are hesitant to hire professional help where their electricity is concerned because they want to save money.

They think they can gamble their way through any complications that arise. However, that is a dangerous attitude. Electricity is a deadly threat and it is more than capable of killing any inexperienced and unskilled personnel that tamper with it.

You are better off hiring an electrical contractor Austin TX, especially if you notice the following signs:

1). Lights

Lights are very important to a hotel’s operations. They contribute to its overall appearance, not to mention illuminating the activities of both the workers and the guests. Because hotels are always active, the lights never rest. They are always on, which is why they fail at a faster rate.

If your lights are flickering or dimming and brightening without reason, you must find and resolve the cause before your lighting system suffers more costly damage. If multiple lights are flickering and dimming at the same time, then you have a far bigger problem, and only an electrician can get to the bottom of your situation.

Austin Electrician for Hotel

2). Outage

Power outages are relatively normal. Most of the time, your electricity provider is to blame. You have nothing to worry about if your entire neighborhood has been affected by a power outage. However, if your hotel is the only victim, you need an electrical expert.

The same is true for Austin, TX hotels that are struggling with frequent outages. Power outages are dangerous occurrences that can destroy your appliances. A professional will identify and resolve the problem.

3). Burning

Can you smell an acrid, pungent scent in the air? You probably have an electrical fire somewhere. With large hotels, such smells are problematic because their source isn’t always easy to locate. But even if you locate the source, only an expert can determine the cause. You cannot stop at simply eliminating the fire. One electrical fire can easily become a dozen unless you find and fix the cause.

Electric repair for Austin Hotel

4). Air Conditioning

This goes without saying. A hotel cannot survive without air conditioning. People that live in hotels expect the utmost comfort. If you want to maintain that comfort, you need functional air conditioning systems, especially during the summer and the winter.

If your air conditioners are not working, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an electrical contractor Austin TX. Even if your AC system is operating optimally, the only way to avoid interruptions in the services it delivers is to carry out regular maintenance. This is where a professional electrician enters the picture.

5). Electrical Shock

Are your workers always complaining about small shocks whenever they handle an appliance? Are you afraid of plugging your equipment into an outlet because of the same reason? You probably have some frayed wiring. You can always tackle this issue on your own but it is safer to call an electrician, especially if the problem is widespread.