Why Hotels Should Use Gouldian Finches

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The modern business world is highly competitive. Whether you run a retail shop or a hotel, you’ve to bend hard to gain prospects. However, certain hotels manage to drive a steady stream of guests all through the year. So, what might be the reason for their huge success? These hoteliers have Gouldian Finches in their lobbies. Let’s find out how these birds can scale your hotel venture.

Why Gouldian Finches are amazing birds for hotel lobbies?

A lobby is the most critical part of any hotel building. It’s the lobby that guests see first when they check any hotel. If the lobby is unappealing, guests move away. This is especially the case if there are too many hotels in the area. As a smart hotelier, you ought to keep potential prospects at your hotel. To do that, you need to come up with something unique and innovative. That’s what Gouldian Finch birds do.

Natural setup

Modern individuals get tired of their busy city life. To while away stress, they prefer to spend quality time in a different environment. Essentially, people look for an exclusive setup that will bring them close to nature. You can tap on this human behavior and include a bespoke natural design. To ensure a more natural look, you may add a few Gouldian Finches in the lobby. In this way, you can drive customers even during off-seasons.

Enriched appearance

Looks and appearances play a pivotal role in gaining guests. However, modern guests are choosier than ever. Most hotels pay attention to their lobby design to grab the attention of prospects. You’ve to think out of the box to stand out in the crowd. Gouldian Finch birds let you try something different. These wonderful creatures enrich your lobby and make it a focal point of attraction. Visitors get allured toward your lobby and the birds. The result is an increase in the number of guests.

four gouldian finches

Bespoke invitation

Human beings have an innate liking toward birds. Many people rejoice at the very sight of beautiful birds. So, why not have lovely Gouldian Finches in your hotel’s lobby? These wonderful birds give a warm invitation that can’t be ignored by any person. It’s a win-win scenario for your venture under all circumstances.

Natural music

People of all age groups love listening to some sort of music. Still, the preferences of each individual vary from others. What one person likes may not align with the liking of others. However, all music fanatics love natural sound Gouldian Finch birds make. The truth is people get driven to birds and the place through unique, meek sounds. By having Gouldian Finches in your hotel lobby, you motivate undecided customers to make a booking.


gouldian finches in hotel lobby

Bottom line

Running a successful hotel can be a competitive task. Despite gaining traffic, your guests may not convert into customers. You’ve to try something special to stay afloat in the competition. Having Gouldian Finches in your lobby is an easy way to captivate the hearts of potential customers. As well as accentuating your hotel interior, these birds invite customers through their intriguing chirp-chirp. This is why smart hoteliers have these amazing birds in their hotel lobbies.  If you’re looking for a gouldian finch for sale for your hotel lobby a quick Google search will help you find breeders and sellers of these amazing birds.