Types of Restaurants to Try to have a Healthy Vacation Diet

Types of Restaurants to Try to have a Healthy Vacation Diet


Going on a vacation and eating out most of the time can make you break your diet easily. Having a healthy vacation diet seems so impossible to achieve. Before you know it, all your efforts of losing or maintaining the weight that you desire have been wasted. Should you just prepare your own meal to make sure that you will never gain weight while on a vacation? Can you still have fun when you do that?

Are you thinking about whether there are certain types of restaurants that you can go to and make sure to get a healthy vacation diet? Many regular restaurants serve healthy meals, and you just need to ask for them. If you are keen on learning the different types of restaurants to consider and see which ones serve the most number of healthy meals, read on and find out.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Most people only visit fine dining restaurants on special occasions due to the following reasons:

– To experience what it feels like to dine in posh and elegant surroundings with amazing restaurant design.

– Be able to wear a formal dress without being awkward and get a chance to apply the learned fine dining etiquette.

– Experience a different level of courtesy from the staff.

– Get a chance to sample interesting or exotic dishes and ingredients.

It is most likely you will find a healthy vacation diet in a fine dining restaurant. However, the price of the dishes may break your pocket if you will always take your meals there. In the end, going to a fining dining restaurant in a different place once or twice may help create a memorable vacation.

Family Restaurant

Some family-style restaurants serve individual dishes and others offer sharable platters. If you want a healthy vacation diet, many family restaurants offer them. However, it is still advisable to take a look at the menu first and ask whether the restaurant is offering healthy meals for all to enjoy.

The following are the most common features of a family restaurant:

– The food is often served on huge platters that family members or many people can share.

– The people in a group pass the dishes around and serve one another.

– It has a casual, relaxing atmosphere.

– It offers affordable prices, although there are also high-end family restaurants that have expensive price tags on their dishes.

Ghost Restaurant

A ghost restaurant is not something that might scare you away. It is also known as the dark kitchen, online-only restaurant, delivery-only restaurant, and virtual restaurant. As the name and its other names suggest, a ghost restaurant does not have a physical building where you can dine. This restaurant only takes food on delivery and may offer a healthy vacation diet.

Many tourists who are trying to keep their food expenses under control prefer food delivery, which offers the following conveniences:

– Once your order has been delivered to the place where you are staying, you may choose to add something to the dish to make it healthier.

– You may create your own salad made from fresh, locally-produced ingredients to go with your order.

– Feel comfortable as you eat at your own pace at your own temporary place.

– It usually offers a wide array of dishes.

– The dishes are very affordable.

Before you order, it is wise to read the reviews or ask around to know more about the ghost restaurant that caught your fancy. You may find other ghost restaurants that offer a healthy vacation diet that’s more to your liking. It is also advisable to always prepare an exact change when ordering from online delivery.


If you want to enjoy the outside scenery in a more relaxed, casual manner while savoring a healthy vacation diet, you may find eating in a café more to your liking. The menu in a café often includes:

– Coffee

– Tea

– Small portions of dessert samples

– Pastries

– Light breakfast or lunch

If you will dine in a café, you need to go to the counter to order your healthy vacation meal. The portions are small enough to be taken casually. Just don’t order too many sets of each dish on the menu.

People often socialize and tend to stay in a café for a long time. Part of the reason is the relaxed atmosphere of the café. Most cafés don’t have too many workers since the diners take care of serving themselves.

Buffet Style Restaurant

You can say that buffet-style restaurants are an extension of family restaurants. Guests are often presented with an array of dishes to choose from and often come at a fixed price. It means you can choose whatever food you want in a buffet and pay the same price for a more expensive dish.

Some refer to buffet-style as eat-all-you-can or all you can eat restaurants. You can get a chance to maintain a healthy vacation diet by choosing the dishes that won’t make you fat. The buffet has the following features:

– An array of dishes that you can pay at a fixed, uniform price.

– Guests simply choose the dishes to eat and serve themselves.

– The selection of dishes usually includes fruit, desserts, hot entrees, delectable appetizers, tasty soups, and healthy salads.

– It has a casual yet stylish interior.

Buffet-style restaurants often offer affordable prices that will not drain your bank account. However, you need to restrain yourself especially when the selection presents most of the dishes that you love.

Fast Food

Although fast foods are notorious for serving greasy, unhealthy foods, they still offer some dishes that you can include in your healthy vacation diet. Tourists and diners often prefer to eat fast foods due to the following reasons:

– They offer quick service and lesser waiting time as compared to most types of restaurants.

– The dishes usually come in cheap, very affordable prices that will not break your budget.

– Fast foods are very convenient, and they are almost anywhere and everywhere.

– The establishment typically offers a casual ambiance.

Most ingredients used in preparing the meals in fast foods are already cooked or preheated. However, when you order the green salad, the ingredients are always fresh.

Stand, Cart, or Food Truck

Stands, carts, and food trucks are modern businesses that usually serve only one type of food and have limited food items on the menu. You may need to try different food trucks, stands, or carts if you want to sample different types of healthy vacation diets that they can offer.

The foods that the stands, carts, or food trucks offer are usually pre-made. If you are familiar with the food trucks run by Koreans, you will notice that they usually prepare their dishes as you wait. They also have a healthier food menu.

Customers patronize the foods offered in stands, carts, and food trucks due to the following reasons:

– They offer very affordable prices that are easy on the budget.

– They are convenient to eat, and you may even consume the foods on the go.

– The food they offer can fill the stomach easily so you can cover more places to visit on your vacation.

You can even choose to buy from the different stands, carts, or food trucks to create your own combination of healthy food to eat. You don’t need to spend so much money on your food and be content with filling your stomach so you can have the strength to visit many places in your vacation destination.


In cafeteria-style dining, the different cooked dishes are presented behind a long counter where you get to choose the dish you want to eat. It is similar to buffet style, but you don’t get to serve the portion yourself. There is someone who will give you the portion according to the set price for that dish per portion.

The cafeteria offers different dishes – both healthy and not-so-healthy. If you want to stick to your healthy vacation diet, make sure to choose only the dishes that will you give you strength without making you fat.

Some cafeterias offer the following:

– Self-serve heaping of soups, salads, and others.

– Pre-plated or ready-made sets in a platter.

– Fresh-cooked foods, such as waffles and omelets, which you can get from an attendant of that station.

Many large companies, hospitals, schools, and factories that provide a place for the people to eat breakfast lunch, or dinner usually adopt the cafeteria-style restaurant.

Coffee House

Starbucks made the coffee house business quite famous around the world. It has become customary for people who often go to work to frequent a Starbucks coffee house near their place of work.

You may stick to eating a single order of your chosen sandwich and coffee of choice as part of your healthy vacation diet. The only purpose of the sandwich is to fill your stomach. You should avoid eating too many sandwiches at once if you don’t want to add a few pounds after doing so. It is also advisable to eat slowly and savor every bite. You will also feel fuller that way.

Many go to coffee houses due to the following reasons:

– The coffee houses usually have a casual, relaxing ambiance.

– They do not require table service.

– Only offer a limited menu to choose from and won’t make you consume more than necessary.

You can stay there to relax after dragging your feet to see different sights to admire. You don’t need to worry about paying an extra fee for staying longer than usual. You can continue to enjoy drinking your hot beverage without worrying about the price.

Contemporary Casual Restaurant

This type of restaurant commonly caters to junior professionals in metropolitan and urban areas. It has a trendy and modern vibe and decorations that young professional diners find appealing.

This restaurant offers:

– Eco-friendly and farm-to-table dining experience.

– Wide array of wine collections.

– Locally-produced ingredients that are typically in season.

– Fine, delectable fusion cuisine that you may not find anywhere else.

– Visually-appealing interior and food.

If you want to sample dishes that are out of the ordinary and made from fresh, healthy ingredients, you may want to try having a meal in a contemporary casual restaurant. You may need to ask about the price before you do because not all contemporary casual restaurants offer the same price range.

When Choosing the Most Suitable Restaurant

It is foolish to go out of your way just because someone told you or read that a certain restaurant, which is 20 kilometers from your current spot, can guarantee a healthy vacation diet. You won’t be able to utterly enjoy your vacation when you do that. Instead, you can ask the locals for some recommendations and don’t be shy to ask about the price.

Each place will never lack suitable restaurants that you can try. You can also read the reviews and visit the websites of your target restaurants. You want to stay healthy without spending so much while you are on vacation. The worst thing that can happen to any tourist is not having enough money during emergencies. You cannot be certain what will happen during your vacation, and it is wise to have a substantial amount of money with you in case something bad happens.

Most of the time, dining in a small, clean local restaurant is your best option. If you are not familiar with the dishes and find them rather too weird for your taste, you can always check out the fast-food chains in that place. You may be surprised to find that your favorite fast-food chain that serves healthy fares is in that place.

Maintaining a healthy vacation diet is not something hard to do. If you lack the discipline to stop yourself from eating too many unhealthy dishes while you are on a vacation, don’t blame the restaurants for not having a healthy menu. You can only blame yourself for not having enough control over ordering many sumptuous dishes in each place that you have visited. You can try limiting the food you eat whenever you take your meal.