Travel Incentives – Double your Fun!

discount travel club


Think about a discount travel club, you can’t go wrong with this one! Travel incentive can offers you up to 55% off your travel plans, that’s a saving of whopping $500 over buying alone. 55% is a very good number especially on vacation that costs $500. Can you picture spending $500 on a travel plan and then saving $500 on a trip? It’s all possible with a travel club!

You can also get a deluxe travel package with an upscale place to stay and unlimited freebies, a VIP student deal and much more. You’ll also get a free membership and a weekly newsletter with special tips and our “Tips on Travel” exclusive to the membership only.

You will also get white cape and blue cape memberships with a money saving discount on your vacations, a VIP package that includes a private table for up to 10 guests and seats in the best lounges or restaurant and much more.

You can choose from a wide variety of vacation packages such as a family package, a couple’s package, a man’s package, where you can pick and choose a deluxe or superior room of your choice and a vacation deal that includes staying at the Best Western in variety of cities around the world, all for one price. It’s your choice, over 2500 locations worldwide.

These clubs are way to get an idea of the great deals available through various clubs, some of which are listed here. The top photo left is the one that I own and I have used 6 times in the past year. The full page shows many options. You can see the full-size image of the full page ad and the attractive carte blanche for an unlimited look around the club. The carte blanche also allows you to include a Hilton and Marriott stay with a complementary rush hour breakfast service to use an in-room safe.

9. Memberships available in most of the world and being a VIP means you can get that ultimate personal touch. When you arrive for your flight, you will receive a VIP treatment from one of the club members and a can of limousine when you land at your destination. You can arrange for limousine transportation to and from your hotel.

When you arrive at your hotel, you will be provided with our VIP treatment, we will bring you on a luxurious private beach, have a ZooAmerica membership, and a fresh fruit and coconut at your hotel and breakfast each morning. You can visit all the attractions of your choice and dine at a Polo events or club event at Bally’s, stay in a spa or use the fitness center. You can work out at a fitness club, join the United States Military and learn about global cultural and environmental issues at a Sail Spa.

Home to one of the largest indoor skate parks in the US, the city of Orlando is one of the best places to visit Florida. Bigger than Olympic Stadium, Busch Gardens, and Disney World, it is one of the cities best attractions. Sunny, mild and fun, it is a place that young, old, families, and kids will have fun.

It is almost a cliché but it’s true; you really can’t write an article or mention a best kept secret in Orlando and NOT bring up the word of professional sports. If you’re not into the big time, the minor league, the Orlando Magic, the big Buck, or the minor league baseball, then head over to I-4 near downtown Orlando and take a look at the pads and their huge SKB cases. There are a lot of big time venues offering lots of big time entertainment. You can work out at one of the big time restaurants and a few gigs for $10.00 to $20.00 and have plenty of fun.

Downtown Orlando offers 12,000 restaurants and hundreds of pubs and night clubs. The clubs range from nearly every genre of music found in the world. It’s not hard to find your “spot” here and relax all night long. Just keep your eyes open. You know you’re there when the sun sets in Orlando. Before you know it, it’s time to take a trip. Go into the sunset with a can of Florida finest and roll on down to the shoreline for a while. Before you know it, there is summer involved and you’re back in school. Weather a cold, wet winter, a hot, humid summer or a warm dry summer, Central Florida turns into one big party.

Leave early? Be sure to plan a trip to the beach. Tell your family to pack up the car, and take off. Three hours later, you’re back in your living room with a can of beer and a set of Pitstop popcorn. It’s a beautiful day and the kids are back in school, ready for their next lesson or video game.