Why Hotels Should Consider Concrete Art to Decorate With

concrete art hotel


When it comes to decorations, hotels have a variety of options to choose from. Why should they prioritize concrete art? It doesn’t sound like the most appealing choice, or at least that is what a lot of people think.

In truth, concrete is capable of delivering as much beauty as any other medium. In fact, it is superior to most other forms of art. If you want to give your hotel an aesthetic upgrade but you are not fully convinced that concrete is the way to go, consider some of the benefits it offers, including:

1). Strength

This is the biggest advantage of concrete art. Concrete is strong and highly durable. Depending on the material that was used to make it, concrete can last for years, if not decades. In other words, the art pieces that are added to your hotel won’t deteriorate any time soon. Concrete can withstand extreme weather conditions, not to mention mold.

hotel concrete wall art

2). Money

Even though it is long-lasting, concrete is affordable. It doesn’t cost much to install and neither does it require much in the way of maintenance. As long as you clean it, your art will maintain its aesthetic value for a long time.

3). Environment

Did you know that concrete art is environmentally friendly? Concrete is multi-functional, that is to say, it is easy to recycle. You don’t have to throw it away simply because it has lost its artistic merit. You can break it into smaller pieces that you can use for other construction projects. It is also worth noting that concrete doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds.

4). Flexibility

Concrete is highly flexible. It isn’t limited to any particular setting. You can install it on new surfaces. You can also apply it to existing surfaces. It is compatible with interior and exterior settings. You can also apply any color and texture to it. There are no limits to what you can do with the material.

art made out of concrete

5). Maintenance

The fact that concrete is so durable means that it is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about accidentally chipping the surface or ruining the texture. Unlike other materials, you are also not expected to do any polishing and coating.

All you need to keep your concrete decorations clean is water and soap. No technical knowledge is required to wash it, which means that your regular hotel staff can get the job done. You don’t have to worry about hiring specialists to perform maintenance.

6). Access

Concrete decorations are affordable because they are easy to access. The materials used to make concrete are available in most places. There is no need to import special ingredients or to order customized components. Additionally, there are plenty of skilled artists that are capable of producing the personalized art pieces your hotel needs. This makes concrete art less of a hassle to procure.

As you can see, concrete art is far more attractive than people realize. It is versatile, strong, cost-effective, and low maintenance. This makes the art that is made from the material just as attractive.

Signs a Bourbonnais, IL Hotel Needs Foundation Repair

hotel foundation repair


Taking care of a hotel in Bourbonnais Il, or anywhere for that matter, is a thought job. What could make such a serious, responsible job even harder, is the case that you might be experiencing some sort of foundation problems with the venue itself? We will list a few most common signs that you need to look for Foundation Repair Bourbonnais IL. Here are some of the most common signs that your hotel needs foundation repairs:

1) Cracks

2) Issues with Sinking or Setting

3) Issues with your Doors

4) Uneven Floors

5) Cabinets Starting to Separate from Walls

1 Cracks

If bit by bit you start to notice fissures or cracks around your walls, it might be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your hotel. This is especially the case if your chimney is cracked or broken, as well as if there are numerous cracks around the bottom level of your building. The most important factor is the gap that a crack leaves open. If the cracks get as wide as a quarter an inch wide, then you have serious reasons to be concerned.

2 Issues with Sinking or Setting

You come to work, and as you park your car in front of your hotel, you get the impression that one side of the place is lower or higher than the other one. But you just shrug it off and think that it is just your imagination playing tricks on you. Don’t ignore what you see. Be sure to call an expert and check if there are any issues with your hotel. Your hotel might actually be sinking, unevenly, like the Tower of Pisa for example.

3 Issues with your Doors

Having issues closing and opening doors might not just be an issue with the door itself. It could be an indicator that there is something wrong with your foundation. If you are having issues with your doors, check if one side of that door is higher than the other. Anything above half an inch of height difference is a sign that you need to worry about Foundation Repair, Bourbonnais IL.

foundation repair in Bourbonnais, IL

4 Uneven Floors

Floors that sag of squeak are not only a sign of old age. They are also possibly a sign that a part of your foundation is starting to give out. While these signs are not as serious as others on this list, they could be potentially dangerous for your business in other ways. Floors that sag or are simply uneven can cause children or the elderly to fall and injury themselves. If a large percentage of your guests fall in those two categories be sure to take care of your uneven floor.

5 Cabinets Starting to Separate from Walls

In the case that your hotel is tilting to one side, there is a chance that you can easily recognize it by looking under your cabinets and counters. Look for gaps between them and the walls. If you notice a serious gap, that borders on half an inch, you better call a professional. In most cases, cabinets that separate or even fall from walls are a sign that there is something seriously wrong with the foundation of your hotel and the cost of the foundation repair can be high the longer you wait.

Why Hotels Should Use Gouldian Finches

gouldian finches for sale near me

The modern business world is highly competitive. Whether you run a retail shop or a hotel, you’ve to bend hard to gain prospects. However, certain hotels manage to drive a steady stream of guests all through the year. So, what might be the reason for their huge success? These hoteliers have Gouldian Finches in their lobbies. Let’s find out how these birds can scale your hotel venture.

Why Gouldian Finches are amazing birds for hotel lobbies?

A lobby is the most critical part of any hotel building. It’s the lobby that guests see first when they check any hotel. If the lobby is unappealing, guests move away. This is especially the case if there are too many hotels in the area. As a smart hotelier, you ought to keep potential prospects at your hotel. To do that, you need to come up with something unique and innovative. That’s what Gouldian Finch birds do.

Natural setup

Modern individuals get tired of their busy city life. To while away stress, they prefer to spend quality time in a different environment. Essentially, people look for an exclusive setup that will bring them close to nature. You can tap on this human behavior and include a bespoke natural design. To ensure a more natural look, you may add a few Gouldian Finches in the lobby. In this way, you can drive customers even during off-seasons.

Enriched appearance

Looks and appearances play a pivotal role in gaining guests. However, modern guests are choosier than ever. Most hotels pay attention to their lobby design to grab the attention of prospects. You’ve to think out of the box to stand out in the crowd. Gouldian Finch birds let you try something different. These wonderful creatures enrich your lobby and make it a focal point of attraction. Visitors get allured toward your lobby and the birds. The result is an increase in the number of guests.

four gouldian finches

Bespoke invitation

Human beings have an innate liking toward birds. Many people rejoice at the very sight of beautiful birds. So, why not have lovely Gouldian Finches in your hotel’s lobby? These wonderful birds give a warm invitation that can’t be ignored by any person. It’s a win-win scenario for your venture under all circumstances.

Natural music

People of all age groups love listening to some sort of music. Still, the preferences of each individual vary from others. What one person likes may not align with the liking of others. However, all music fanatics love natural sound Gouldian Finch birds make. The truth is people get driven to birds and the place through unique, meek sounds. By having Gouldian Finches in your hotel lobby, you motivate undecided customers to make a booking.


gouldian finches in hotel lobby

Bottom line

Running a successful hotel can be a competitive task. Despite gaining traffic, your guests may not convert into customers. You’ve to try something special to stay afloat in the competition. Having Gouldian Finches in your lobby is an easy way to captivate the hearts of potential customers. As well as accentuating your hotel interior, these birds invite customers through their intriguing chirp-chirp. This is why smart hoteliers have these amazing birds in their hotel lobbies.  If you’re looking for a gouldian finch for sale for your hotel lobby a quick Google search will help you find breeders and sellers of these amazing birds.


Signs an Austin, TX Hotel Needs to Hire an Electrician

Austin TX Electrician


Does your Austin, TX hotel require an electrician? That sounds like a simple question but it isn’t. So many hotel administrators are hesitant to hire professional help where their electricity is concerned because they want to save money.

They think they can gamble their way through any complications that arise. However, that is a dangerous attitude. Electricity is a deadly threat and it is more than capable of killing any inexperienced and unskilled personnel that tamper with it.

You are better off hiring an electrical contractor Austin TX, especially if you notice the following signs:

1). Lights

Lights are very important to a hotel’s operations. They contribute to its overall appearance, not to mention illuminating the activities of both the workers and the guests. Because hotels are always active, the lights never rest. They are always on, which is why they fail at a faster rate.

If your lights are flickering or dimming and brightening without reason, you must find and resolve the cause before your lighting system suffers more costly damage. If multiple lights are flickering and dimming at the same time, then you have a far bigger problem, and only an electrician can get to the bottom of your situation.

Austin Electrician for Hotel

2). Outage

Power outages are relatively normal. Most of the time, your electricity provider is to blame. You have nothing to worry about if your entire neighborhood has been affected by a power outage. However, if your hotel is the only victim, you need an electrical expert.

The same is true for Austin, TX hotels that are struggling with frequent outages. Power outages are dangerous occurrences that can destroy your appliances. A professional will identify and resolve the problem.

3). Burning

Can you smell an acrid, pungent scent in the air? You probably have an electrical fire somewhere. With large hotels, such smells are problematic because their source isn’t always easy to locate. But even if you locate the source, only an expert can determine the cause. You cannot stop at simply eliminating the fire. One electrical fire can easily become a dozen unless you find and fix the cause.

Electric repair for Austin Hotel

4). Air Conditioning

This goes without saying. A hotel cannot survive without air conditioning. People that live in hotels expect the utmost comfort. If you want to maintain that comfort, you need functional air conditioning systems, especially during the summer and the winter.

If your air conditioners are not working, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an electrical contractor Austin TX. Even if your AC system is operating optimally, the only way to avoid interruptions in the services it delivers is to carry out regular maintenance. This is where a professional electrician enters the picture.

5). Electrical Shock

Are your workers always complaining about small shocks whenever they handle an appliance? Are you afraid of plugging your equipment into an outlet because of the same reason? You probably have some frayed wiring. You can always tackle this issue on your own but it is safer to call an electrician, especially if the problem is widespread.