Signs a Bourbonnais, IL Hotel Needs Foundation Repair

hotel foundation repair


Taking care of a hotel in Bourbonnais Il, or anywhere for that matter, is a thought job. What could make such a serious, responsible job even harder, is the case that you might be experiencing some sort of foundation problems with the venue itself? We will list a few most common signs that you need to look for Foundation Repair Bourbonnais IL. Here are some of the most common signs that your hotel needs foundation repairs:

1) Cracks

2) Issues with Sinking or Setting

3) Issues with your Doors

4) Uneven Floors

5) Cabinets Starting to Separate from Walls

1 Cracks

If bit by bit you start to notice fissures or cracks around your walls, it might be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your hotel. This is especially the case if your chimney is cracked or broken, as well as if there are numerous cracks around the bottom level of your building. The most important factor is the gap that a crack leaves open. If the cracks get as wide as a quarter an inch wide, then you have serious reasons to be concerned.

2 Issues with Sinking or Setting

You come to work, and as you park your car in front of your hotel, you get the impression that one side of the place is lower or higher than the other one. But you just shrug it off and think that it is just your imagination playing tricks on you. Don’t ignore what you see. Be sure to call an expert and check if there are any issues with your hotel. Your hotel might actually be sinking, unevenly, like the Tower of Pisa for example.

3 Issues with your Doors

Having issues closing and opening doors might not just be an issue with the door itself. It could be an indicator that there is something wrong with your foundation. If you are having issues with your doors, check if one side of that door is higher than the other. Anything above half an inch of height difference is a sign that you need to worry about Foundation Repair, Bourbonnais IL.

foundation repair in Bourbonnais, IL

4 Uneven Floors

Floors that sag of squeak are not only a sign of old age. They are also possibly a sign that a part of your foundation is starting to give out. While these signs are not as serious as others on this list, they could be potentially dangerous for your business in other ways. Floors that sag or are simply uneven can cause children or the elderly to fall and injury themselves. If a large percentage of your guests fall in those two categories be sure to take care of your uneven floor.

5 Cabinets Starting to Separate from Walls

In the case that your hotel is tilting to one side, there is a chance that you can easily recognize it by looking under your cabinets and counters. Look for gaps between them and the walls. If you notice a serious gap, that borders on half an inch, you better call a professional. In most cases, cabinets that separate or even fall from walls are a sign that there is something seriously wrong with the foundation of your hotel and the cost of the foundation repair can be high the longer you wait.